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Daily Bible Reading


Click HERE to download our 2017 Bible Reading Plan

In 2017, we invite you to join us as we read through the Bible. The focus of this year’s reading will be on the main overarching storyline of God’s Word. As you read through this year’s plan, we encourage you to use a journaling method that follows the acronym HEAR. The journaling method is as follows:

Highlight – As you begin to read, allow the Holy Spirit to focus your attention on a specific portion of the defined reading. For example, if your reading passage is John chapter 3, verse 16 may be a verse that personally resonates from within the passage. Take this highlighted verse and simply write it out.

Explain – Take either the highlighted portion of the reading, or another portion of the reading and begin to write out the verse or section in your own words. The purpose of this practice is to help provide understanding or greater personal insight with regards to the text.

Apply – Seek to allow the Holy Spirit to bring about transformation in your heart through the scripture passage. Spend time in prayer, specifically asking God how you may apply the verse or passage to your life. You want God’s Word to change your life and this is a great place to start.

Respond – Offer a prayer of response to God regarding the passage that you have read. Ask God for strength in implementing the application of the text.