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Karen Adams





Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” - Matthew 9:37-38

June 4
Thursday, June 4, 8:00 p.m. I walked to the school for the devotions and when I got there all the students were outside kinda subdued. I asked what is going on and they said today was the day the faculty chose to search all of the belongings of each student. I asked what are they looking for? They said cell phones!!! Cell phones are not allowed on the campus. But some others were fearful because they had left their bed untidy and were afraid they might get in trouble for that, …but they didn’t. I don’t know if they found any phones, but if they did the student would be suspended or expelled.
…While the search was going on in the dorms we went ahead with devotions. Today was my day and I taught on John the Baptist. I was so pumped about teaching. I loved it!
..Still have not gotten word about Pamela, the student who had to go home due to being very sick. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.
…My shoulder did very well today. Thanks to all of you who prayed for me. If you don’t mind, would you pray for my middle daughter Jill. After 4 years of remission her ulcerative colitis has come back. She is having a procedure done on Friday to make sure it is the colitis causing the trouble. If it is, they will try and find a medication to help. She has 2 small children and it is rough being in the bathroom all the time. Thanks.
…Still continue to pray for the family that is STILL in the process of adopting Trever. The mom and child are still waiting!!! What a long process this has been for them.
…All for His glory! —Karen

June 3
Wednesday, June 3, 8:30 Great day. I had very little pain in my shoulder today. Thanks be to God and to your prayers.
… I have not heard about how Pamela is doing. I will try and get someone to call her tomorrow. I sure miss her. She was the one teaching me to sing the song in the native language. We were going to sing it Sunday. She is a great leader in our church services. She is very sweet and committed to Christ. Continue to pray for her.
…Had a great worship service today at 9:00 a.m. Chaplain did a great job. He studies so hard and prays so hard for his sermons. But today I thought he wasn’t going to show up for preaching. It was time for him to preach and no preacher. Fred the student leader came over and asked me if Chaplain was preaching and I said “I think so but let me call him.” So I called him and asked if he was preaching and he said he was on his way. He made it and it was great!
…After the service 5 girls walked me home. When we got here I invited them to my room. They saw my peanut butter and honey and asked me about it. So I asked them if they wanted some and of course they all said YES! We didn’t have any plates so they just put the peanut butter in the palm of their hand and then added honey and stirred it up and enjoyed every licking bit of it. After eating they played with my hair (with clean hands) and gave me all kinds of hairstyles. Then we listened to music and made up dances to the songs. Had fun.
All for His glory!—Karen

June 2
Tuesday, June 2, 7:30 p.m. Thank you for all your prayers. God was gracious to me and I felt better today. Last night the pain was almost unbearable. I got Irene to give me another massage with my oils and took 3 IBs, laid down, put on my heated rice sock, turned on “Give Me Jesus” by Ortega and hummed myself to sleep. Woke myself up every 4 hours to take more IB and by the morning the pain had subsided. Whew! that was some tough pain but I made it through. I still have a dull ache over my left shoulder blade but I can live with that.
…Went for student devotions and really felt like I didn’t click with the students today. You know sometimes you don’t seem to be getting through. Prayed when I left that whatever I was missing that God would supply before I speak again tomorrow.
…Tomorrow is Martyr’s Day in Uganda. It is a big thing. Some places close and all go the site where about 40 Catholics and Anglican priests and followers were killed in 1885. Some people have been walking for a couple of days to get to this site. Thousands will be there. Even the school tomorrow is having Chapel at 9:00 to remember the martyrs and some of the teachers have taken tomorrow off. It is sad that we don’t realize that there are many believers everyday that become martyrs. Tomorrow there will be many who will die a martyrs death and we will not hear about them. But God knows and He will reward those who loved Him more than life.
…One of my favorite students, Pamela, is very sick. She thinks she has typhoid. She looked so bad and felt so bad. She needed to go home and the only way to go was by taxi so Chaplain rode with her. She will go to the doctor and they will test her for typhoid. Pray for her healing.
…All for His glory. –Karen

June 1
Monday, June 1, 6:00 p.m. Today has been a little rough for me. I slept very good but woke up with terrible pain in my left back shoulder blade. Must have slept on it wrong. Irene gave me a massage with some peppermint oil and it felt pretty good. I got ready to go to the school but then Chaplain Moses said that the students were having exams all day and not to come. I decided to sit in my bed and read some and prepare for tomorrow’s devotion. Wrong thing to do!!! I tried to get up after an hour and the pain was bad. I found a sock and got one of the girls to fill it with rice and microwave it to heat it up and put it on my shoulder. It has helped some.
Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.
…Can’t believe it is now June. Just to think I came in March and now it is June. Time does have a way of slipping away. It will be good to see family and friends.
…The strangest thing occurs in the late afternoon. While I am sitting in my room I hear the drums and trumpets of a band. It transports me back in time to hearing our high school bands practice before the football season starts. Very strange to hear in Uganda. I wish I could find out where the music is coming from.
…All for His glory! –Karen

May 31

Sunday, May 31, 8:45 p.m. Had a great day at church. The man that built the Guest House and help build the school, Dr. K (his last name is hard to say and spell so some of us call him Dr. K) preached today at the school. We had several of the students come forward. Hallelujah! After he preached and left,(he had a meeting he had to go to) I taught on Isaiah. What a prophet!
…After church rode a taxi to Calvary Chapel church located in the main town of Entebbe. What a beautiful piece of property on the shores of Lake Victoria. But at one time when the country was run by the terrible dictator Amin, the property was used as a killing field. Now it has a thriving church. We went because Chaplain Moses was invited to the graduation celebration of 6 graduates from the African Bible University which is not too far from the Guest House. Some of the students who attend the Bethel Covenant school come from this church. I met the pastor and his wife who are missionaries from the US. They are doing a great work. They have built a primary school and support as many as possible for secondary and university schools. The group that graduated today is the first group of students that has gone through the African Bible University with the help of the church. So everyone was so excited. They fixed a huge on-the-grounds meal with bottled drinks. (I had a grape drink! It was so good!)
…We walked to the back of the church property where the shores of Lake Victoria were located. Every time I see this lake up close and see the fisherman and their wooden small boats, I think of the Sea of Galilee. Some of the fishermen were folding their nets into their small wooden boats to get ready to fish at night. It just reminds me so much of the disciples mending and fixing their nets before going out to fish. I love it!
…Returned by taxi to the bottom of the hill that leads to the Guest House and walked home.
…Good day. All for His glory. —Karen

May 30
Saturday, May 30, 7:40 p.m. No rain today. Went to the school for student devotions. Talked about Luke Chapter 2 regarding the devout and righteous Simeon. Can you imagine yourself holding the Savior of the world in your arms? Wow! what a gift from God.
…After devotions Chaplain Moses and I took a taxi to get some chapattis. Some taxi rides are not too bad but some you just about die from the heat because the person next to the window will not open it a little. I thought it was just me roasting like a hotdog on a grill but Moses said he was hot too. The chapattis are made from wheat flour with some other ingredients and rolled into a very thin flat pancake and cooked in a hot pan. It kinda reminds me of a flour tortilla. Sometimes they will add diced carrots and onions. We rode back to the school by taxi and thank goodness all the windows were open.
…After eating, I hung out with the girls and we sang songs and they watched some of my videos of the students in South Sudan as they worshiped God in song and dance. Prayed with some of the girls who did not feel well and then walked home.
…Was a good day. All for His glory.–Karen

May 29
Friday, May 29, 7:15 p.m. Today was very overcast and cool. Have not had power all day. The students were dressed in toboggans and sweaters. It felt great to me but they do not tolerate cool temperatures. The cool weather seems to bring on asthma attacks in some of the students.
…Today Frank shared in our student devotions. Frank is a student who loves the Lord and he talked about how big our God is. He did a good job. The singing was wonderful. I am still working on my song. I don’t have a knack at learning new languages but I am trying.
…Came home early from school because the students have an assembly they must all attend. Decided to wash my hair and let it air dry. I have been studying my talk for tomorrow’s student devotion time. But my mind is tired so I will stop and get some hot peppermint tea.
…All for His glory! –Karen

May 28
Thursday, May 28, 8:05 p.m. After breakfast, I decided I needed to fast today. I prayed a lot this morning and fasted from lunch. God is so kind and gracious when we seek Him above anything else. The devotional time at school was great! So many new faces coming at this time. I am praying that many more will come. Hung around the school and at 5:00 one of the girls helped me work on my song that I will sing (with others) in their traditional language. They laugh at me the way I say their words. I have such a southern accent that it sounds funny to them. But I am trying. After practicing my song I met with several girls and prayed with them. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to and love on them.
…Continued my fast through supper time. I feel such a closeness to God at this time. Sometimes your heart just wants to burst with joy over the kindness of our God. Thank you all for your prayers.
…All for His glory. Karen

May 27
Wednesday, May 27, 8:00 p.m. Had Ronnie drive Moses and me to the Uganda Bible Society in Kampala. The traffic was bad but we made it there. Just wanted to see what all they had. I bought a couple more Bibles to give out to the new students.
…Had a great day during devotion time. The room was packed again. I explained the Wordless book during devotion time. Thank you for your prayers.
…Pastor Van, the teacher that you gave a Bible to (Martin), asked me to tell you he said Hello and that he reads his Bible twice a day.
…I am trying to learn a song the students sing. They sing it in English first then they switch and sing it in LuGanda, their native language. I am having a hard time. Hopefully I will be able to learn it in the next 2 weeks. The name of the song is –To the River. I love this song.
…All for His glory! Karen

May 26
Tuesday, May 26, 8:00 p.m. What a great day we had at school! We got to have devotions today and the classroom was packed! It was like a shot in the arm of caffeine. I was pumped! When those students lifted their voices to sing, the joy of the Lord filled my soul…. I get to teach tomorrow so pray for me.
…I give thanks to God for Juma’s safe arrival back home in South Sudan. May God richly bless all the work that will continue through Juma and the rest of the pastors.
…One of the students who I have prayed with about her sisters coming to know the Lord, told me today that her eldest sister was saved over the holidays! Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus.
…All for His glory! Karen

May 25
Monday, May 25, 7:30 Today has been a day to rest. The students are still taking tests because last week there was no power to copy the tests to give out to the students. We will resume devotions on Wednesday.
…Irene asked me if I wanted to go for a short trip to the market. I said yes and off we went down the hill to catch a taxi. Got to the market and Irene wanted to buy some kind of cow body parts. It was the most disgusting looking body parts I have ever seen. I said “you eat that?” and she responded with “yes it is very good”. I told her not to fix me any. She laughed. Next we went looking for fish. She asked me to sit and stay where I was while she went to get the fish. She said that if I go with her, they will want to charge her more money because white people have money. So I stayed where I was until she came back. Then she picked up some oranges and off we went to catch a taxi back home.
…I walked Juma down the hill so that he could catch a taxi into Kampala to go back home. We have been together for over 2 weeks doing God’s work. After saying our goodbyes I walked back up the hill by myself. I was very sad but as I topped the hill I saw Lake Victoria in all its grandeur and I smiled and thanked God for such beauty. He turned my sadness into joy.
…Tonight there are no other people in the Guest House, just me. The family that is adopting has gone to visit friends for several days. Dr. K and the others have left for a week. This will give me time to study and read my Bible.
All for His glory! Karen

May 24
Sunday, May 24, 7:30 p.m. Had a wonderful time in worship this morning. Juma did a great job preaching this morning from the book of Revelation. It was good to see so many of my student friends. We all hugged and laughed. Good to see Moses but he wasn’t feeling well. He is getting over the flu. Pray for him.
…After lunch today, Dr. K invited me to sit in on a testimony from the personal secretary to the President of Uganda. She was amazing. She is so obedient tothe Lord in her job. She works in Education. She urged us to stay obedient to the Lord even though our government is not following God. She even urged us to get involved in the government so that changes can be made to glorify God. Uganda’s President has urged that all government job openings be filled with born again Christians. He said these Christians do not have to be policed because they have God who lives in their heart and they can be trusted. But they soon learned that everybody claimed to be a Christian, even Muslims so they could get a job. She spoke for over an hour and was very inspiring.
…When I arrived back on Friday, I asked if the adoption family was still here and Irene said she had not seen them, so I assumed they were gone. But they are still here waiting on the judge to sign paperwork. Please pray for them. It is really hard on the mom being away from the rest of her family for so long.
…All for HIs glory! –Karen

May 23

All I have done today is washed clothes and folded clothes. I did prepare for my Bible study tomorrow and after eating supper with Juma, we met for prayer time. He will be preaching tomorrow along with me teaching on prayer.
..I just want to say what a joy and privilege it was to work with such 6 wonderful young men who love the Lord. Their names are Juma, Martin, Kennedy, Benacia, Benjamin, and Emmanuel. Put them on your prayer list. They are doing great things in South Sudan. May a movement of the Spirit begin and spread across South Sudan and lives be transformed. I have to tell you also, I have never seen so many children. There are also many orphans. Martin has about 40 children that show up at his home every evening for Bible Study. The older teenagers that come are also playing soccer together. They got to the semi-finals in Pajok. On the day that I visited them, they recited 4 Bible stories and recited Bible verses they had memorized, and sang some songs. I help them make a Wordless Book. They really did a good job.
…The Conference that Juma had set up was great!. There were about 25 people from the community that participated. We taught CHE lessons for 3 days on Evangelism, Discipleship, and Leadership. The guys did a super job! We had 2 ladies cook for us at the Conference and they did a great job. They killed chickens and we ate them for lunch. Strong women!
…All for His glory! Karen

May 22
Friday 10:00 p.m. I’m back!! I have never been so glad to be off of a bus. Boarded a bus this morning at 6:45 am and got off a bus at 8:45 p.m. And then had a hair-raising clench fisted boda boda ride (motorcycle ) for 15 minutes through downtown Kampala’s bumper to bumper traffic. 14 hours on a bus was bad especially when I would stretch out my legs and then feel a chickens claws on my feet! I’m tired and I know Juma is tired too! Will try to unwind and get some sleep. Thank you for your prayers. God heard them and has brought us safely to Uganda. All for His glory. –Karen.

May 18

This past week, Karen and Juma participated in a youth conference that hosted about 600 youths from different places outside of Pajok. Some of the topics included “Sin and Salvation” (taught by Jackson Olega), “Faith” (taught by Moses Andruga) and “Temptation” (taught by a Ugandan named Walter).

Here is a quote from Juma: “Our week is ending brilliantly, we had attended our teaching on evangelism, discipleship and leadership training, all went well, and again we attended the conference teaching for three days beginning on Wednesday till saturday and our Sunday was good and our sermon was done from (Genesis 37:1-26) Karen and I are all doing well.”

photo 1 photo

May 14
Photos from this week’s training on Evangelism, Discipleship & Leadership in Pajok, South Sudan…
Training Pic 3Training Pic 5 Training Pic 6Training Pic 1Training Pic 2 Training Pic 4

May 12
We received this from Juma concerning Karen Adams:
Hey, this is the hut Karen is living in, she is so excited to live the hut for the first time.
She is really a blessing to me.
She is enjoying our local food and we love the way she is, am feeling the blessing.
Today morning I rode her to the payam office for her registration to be legally known and we Made it. It’s really wonderful. Everything went well.
Now it’s the second day of the training.
We are now for discipleship training. It started well and people’s turn up was good.

May 8
Rejoicing that Karen, Juma and Martin are now in Pajok, South Sudan.

May 6
Wednesday, May 6, 7:00 Haven’t had electricity today so every technical gadget is about to go down. So I am going only to write a few sentences. Continue your prayers for me as I leave in the morning for South Sudan. I will not post anything for about 2 weeks. But will be in contact by phone to Mike Niemi. I will be helping Juma do a CHE conference with the people of Pajok. I get to sleep in a hut. Can’t wait to let you know how it all turns out. All for His glory. —Karen

May 5
May 5, Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. Another rainy night. And another walk in the mud to the school. But we had another sweet devotion time at the school. (Michael Bozeman, Carol wrote you a letter. I will get it to you soon.)
***After devotion time, Moses and I went on another evangelism trip into another community. We went down a side street that had lots of children playing. We started talking to two older girls who were with the children and before we knew it there were 10 children all lined up along the wall listening to us. I asked Moses to sing a song and those kids all chimed in and sang so sweet. I told the creation story and had the best time. When we turned around we saw several men drinking. Most were drunk. We went ahead and talked to them about Jesus but met with some resistance. But in the end some wanted us to pray that they would stop drinking. We had one salvation today. Glory hallelujah!
All for His Glory! —-Karen

May 4
Monday, May 4, 9:00 P.M. Had a great day at school today. I taught on the Philippian jailer being saved. I wish you could meet Joshua. He is just a super student with such a love for God. He has always wanted to be a doctor since childhood. I asked him if he had seen the movie “Gifted Hands” and he said he had and loved it. He wants to get the book and read it. I told him I will bring it the next time I come. Then there is Joseph. He prayed for me today as I prepare to go into South Sudan for 2 weeks. His prayer was so sweet and so uplifting. He says he is going to pray for me while I am gone and I know he will.
***The Guest House is packed out, but not with missionaries but with the people of Uganda. There is a eye doctor here from Chattanooga that is doing cataract surgery. They go into the villages and do preliminary eye checks and then they bring them in 10-15 at a time to the Guest House. They will have all the pre-op done here and then will be taken to a hospital where the doctor will do the surgery. Today he did about 10 surgeries and after a post-op night here will go home tomorrow. Then there are those who will get up early in the morning and go have their surgery and return to stay overnight while the other group goes home. This will continually happen for the next 4 days. Most of the people are elderly and are afraid. Not knowing exactly what to expect can be frightening. But they are doing well. Pray for them.
***Talked to Juma (pastor) twice today. He is doing well and preparing to start his trip tomorrow to come to Entebbe. He will arrive on Wednesday morning and we will leave Thursday morning. It will take well over 12 hours on a bus to get to Pajok, South Sudan.
***Please pray for my daughter Julie as she makes her way home alone through many airports from her Tanzania trip.
All for His Glory! —Karen

May 4
Here we are at the zoo. Moses is in the beige pants, Martin is in the orange shirt and the others are students.


May 3
Sunday, May 3, 7:30 p.m. Woke up to rain again. So thankful for the rain. But that meant walking in mud to church this morning. All for His glory! We had about 50 students this morning and had a great worship time together. We did not need any kind of instruments to worship God. Just the clap of hands and voices raised to the heavens. What a glorious worship time. Than after the singing the Holy Spirit gave me all I needed to tell Genesis 3 from memory. I was so thankful for the Spirit’s presence. Surely the presence of the Lord was in that place. Hallelujah!
***Chaplain Moses, Martin (a teacher), and myself took 3 students to the zoo. We rode a taxi into Entebbe city. All 6 of us crowded into a 15 passenger taxi van that already had 11 people in it. When we got there we were hungry so Moses bought us chapattis to eat. They were the best I have ever eaten. After eating we had a guide to walk us through the zoo. I’m gad we did. He told us some interesting facts about the animals. It was a very nice zoo on the shores of Lake Victoria. What I loved was looking out over the lake and seeing a few small fishing boats. It reminded me of the disciples fishing on the Sea of Galilee and Jesus cooking a meal on the shore. I just wanted to stay there and be washed in the sweet memory of our Lord. But our guide was calling me to come and see the monkeys. It was a long afternoon but a good one spent with students and friends. How I will miss them when I leave.
***All for His glory, Karen

May 2
May 2, Saturday, 7:00 This has been a day for studying and preparing for Sunday and next week CHE lessons. Chaplain Moses and myself agreed we needed to pray for rain. It hasn’t rained for 4 days and those that have small gardens were caring water jugs to their gardens to water their plants. And this morning the Lord sent much rain. Thank you Lord! It rained all morning and was quite chilly. This was the first time I felt chilled. Around 3:00 the sun came out and dried upon the rain and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout again! We do have spiders!
***Today I washed my clothes in the sink and then hung them on hangers on the ironwork around the windows inside my room. When the sun came out it dried them very fast. Glad I went ahead and got that done.
***Pray for me as I will be teaching on The Fall from Genesis 3 at church tomorrow.
All for His glory!—Karen

May 1
Thursday, May 1, 8:15 p.m. I am totally exhausted! After our devotions at school, which I loved, Chaplain Moses and I rode a taxi to a community down the road. We witnessed to about 10 people. Out of the 10, 2 decided to make Jesus, Lord of their life! Moses says he will come back next week and follow up with them. We stayed in the community for about 2 hours witnessing. When it was time to leave we wanted to catch a taxi home but they were all full. So we decided to walk home which took about 30 minutes. It felt so good to sit down. Thank you God for the 2 people that gave their lives to you.
***Our Guest House has been turned into an eye examination office. They are bringing in villagers for an eye exam. If they find any that have cataracts they will set up an appointment at a local hospital and fix them.
All for His Glory! –Karen

April 30
Thursday, April 30, 9:00 p.m. Yipee! Our Bibles came in today. Thank you Meadowbrook for the Bibles. This past Sunday, a couple of the Tanzania students wanted a Bible and we had to tell them that we were out but that we had ordered some more. Tomorrow we can give them a Bible!
***Had a great time at school today. About 100 students have returned. It was so good to see them. After lunch Chaplain Moses and I went door to door in the neighborhood around the school. We meet about 6 people. Some were saved and some were not. We meet an elderly woman who was baptized as an infant in the Catholic church and felt that was all she needed. After talking to her she said she would like some time to think about what we had said to her. We also met a woman who was married to a man who would not let her go to church. We prayed for her and her husband. We also meet a young woman whose name was Precious. And she was precious. She loves the Lord and sings on the Praise and Worship team. She is a hard worker. Her garden is just beautiful. Her and her husband have a large metal container that they collect rain water in. They share the water with the neighbors. Truly servants of God.
***One of the students lives close by to the school and I said I wanted to go to her home and meet her family. Her mother and father are dead so her 2 aunts live with her. I wish you could meet this beautiful young girl. Her smile is so contagious. I meet the elderly aunt. She sits on a cushion on the ground making a mat by hand. It was fascinating to watch her old hands move so precisely to form this mat which will be used as a rug. It truly is art.
***Tomorrow is a holiday, it is called Labor Day. All Federal offices will be closed but I think everything else will be open. But I don’t think I will smell BBQ cooking tomorrow.
All for His Glory! –Karen

April 29
Wednesday, April 29, 8:20 p.m. I got it!!! I got my visa for South Sudan. Today was a piece of cake compared to Monday’s ordeal. So thankful to God for helping me through this process. I will leave on May 8 for South Sudan.
***We are going to start back our student devotions tomorrow. Yea! A few more of the students have returned early to study so we are going to go ahead and begin. I sure have missed the devotion times.
***Today was a sad day for the adopting family. The dad and daughter left to return to the states while Trevor and Mom stayed here to continuing the adoption process. A lot of tears flowed as they said their goodbyes. Pray that things will go quickly so they can be reunited as a family soon.
***Please continue to pray for my daughter Julie in Tanzania.
All for His glory! —-Karen

April 28
Tuesday, April 28, 8:37 p.m. I wanted to walk back to a place I had seen the other day. It was a place where women made paper products and handmade soaps. I asked Irene and Jane if they would like to go and they said yes. So off we went walking down the hill and across the highway and up the other side of the road. Turned right at the top of the hill and on the right was a small trailer with all kinds of paper products: note pads, stationary, Christmas cards, soaps, picture frames, all occasion cards, photo albums and some jewelry. They made these products in a home next to the trailer. They had paper stretched out on canvases across the yard. It looked like they were drying and stretching it. I made a few purchases and the ladies were so nice. As we were making our way back up the hill to the guest house, a motorcycle came up behind us. Jane and I moved to one side of the road and Irene moved to the other side. Irene stood there on the side of the road with one hand on her hip and one leg kinda stuck out. The guy on the motorcycle was so busy looking at her that he ran off the road into the ditch! I started laughing and then we all started laughing. This guy and his rider could not get out of the ditch so Jane finally went over and help them lift the bike up enough for the driver to get some traction and he was finally able to get back on the road. When we got back to the Guest House I gave Irene and Jane some Christian women suggestions about how to stand properly on the side of road. They listened but I don’t know if it did any good. Every time I think about that guy driving off the road I get so tickled. It is important to keep your eyes on the road no matter what!
All for His glory. —Karen

April 27
Monday, April 27 8:15 Well I survived Kampala and the South Sudan Embassy. I am still amazed at the number of people, motorcycles, and cars in that city. And all of them are wanting to get ahead of the other one. It is absolutely a mad house! Ronnie knows how to drive in that city so he got me to the South Sudan Embassy but I had to have a photo for the visa application so I left and went and got a photo. Returned and got an application and filled it out and gave it to the lady. I then sat down and waited. I did not know how long it would take. Within about 20 minutes I heard “Elaine” being yelled and I turned around to see if anyone else was named Elaine and no one else got up and then I saw a woman motioning for me to come. So I figured they were calling me (Elaine is my middle name). I went to the window and she handed me a piece of paper and told me to go to the bank and deposit $100 into the South Sudan Finance account. She also told me to come back on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 to get my visa. So off we went to the bank to deposit the money. Getting into the bank parking lot was a guessing game but we finally chose the right entrance and they let us in. The whole ordeal took about 5 hours but hopefully I will get a visa for South Sudan on Wednesday.
***The electricity just went off. NO, it just came back on. You just never know about the electricity here. Guess what? It’s off again.
***What little time I had left today, I worked on some CHE lessons for South Sudan. Praying that God will help me decide which ones I am to teach.
All for His glory! –Karen

April 26
Sunday, April 26, 6:45 What a difference our church was today. We went from having 600-700 students to 25 students. I loved it! There were about 6 students from Tanzania who attended. They can’t go home because it is too far away to travel. They were so precious. I taught on Genesis 1 and 2. God gave me the ability to tell it all by memory. Thank you God! After church we just hung out and talked and ate bananas and peanut butter. I taught the students how delicious peanut butter smeared on top of a banana is. They really liked it.
***My heart is a little overwhelmed knowing Julie, my youngest daughter, has begun her trip to Tanzania. God will be growing her on this trip for she will be doing many things by herself, alone. Alone but yet not alone for God will be with her. Please pray for her.
***Tomorrow I hope to get my South Sudan visa. A trip into Kampala is always an adventure. I need to get some other things too.
***Chaplain Moses is feeling better today. In the care package I sent him yesterday was some powdered Gatorade. (One of our Team members left it for me.) He said he mixed that up with the clean water I sent him and he said within an hour he was feeling so much better. Yes! Thanks for sharing and Thanks be to God.
All for His glory!–Karen

April 25
Saturday, April 25, 7:10 p.m. After studying for tomorrow’s Bible study, Ciperan, Irene, and Jane asked me to go for a walk and I said OK. I need to ask questions before I say yes. This adventure was a 2 hour walk. But I must admit I saw some amazing sites. We walked down the hill, across the road, and up the other hill. At the top of that hill I saw Lake Victoria in all its grandeur. It was absolutely beautiful! A very large lake. Also at the top of the hill the Indians have built a Hindu temple. The colors and architecture were amazing. We were at the highest top of the hill and so was this temple. A temple to false gods. As we went over the mountain we saw some very, very, very large homes. It will take several years to complete some of them. You know you are in an affluent area because all the roads are paved. On the way back Irene said “I don’t think you are old, you are doing better than me.” I got a little puffed up (pride) and thought I am doing pretty good. But of course by the time we climbed our hill to the Guest House, my pride had drained out. I was glad to sit and drink some water. I was exhausted.
***Called Chaplain Moses today to see how he was doing. He said he was a little better. Continue to pray for him.
***Also keep my daughter Julie in your prayers. She leaves for Tanzania tomorrow.
All for His glory.—Karen

April 24
Friday, April 24, 8:00 p.m. Today was a day of rest and enjoying God’s beauty here in Uganda. I did straighten up my room and change my sheets. Then I went outside and sat under the tree and listened to music and looked over the country side. Such a beautiful view of God’s handiwork. As the breeze blew across my body I reflected on this past week and the awesome job that our Team did. I know the reason it went so well was because of your prayers. God loves to hear from His people. Thank you for your prayers.
***I talked to Chaplain Moses today and he was not feeling well. I asked Ronnie if he would take a care package to him and he said he would. I sent bananas, peanut butter, crackers, and water. Thank you to all who sent me peanut butter and crackers. I love peanut butter. I had so much peanut butter that I could share with Chaplain Moses. Pray for him that he will get better soon.
***Most of the students have gone home for 4 weeks. There will be about 150 students who will stay at the school so we will have church on Sunday as usual.
***The Guest House has had many people coming and going. Some nights there have been 30 people but tonight at this moment it is only me. Later tonight a pastor and his group will come in around midnight. The family that is adopting have gone to visit friends over the weekend. They will be back on Sunday. The judge in their adoption case has finally given a good decision in their case so maybe they can now go and get a passport for their new son. Thank you God.
All for His glory! —Karen

April 23
Thursday, April 23, 8:15 p.m. Our Meadowbrook Team has left the building. And yes, I did shed a few tears. That was an awesome team and we had an awesome time because our God is awesome.
***Ole Satan just could not stand our presence here. He tried in many ways to stop us but we could take a lick’in and just keep ticking. The power went out at the beginning of our service today but we just kept on worshiping. To hear only those sweet voices singing to God was so worshipful. Van gave another great sermon and Kristi also did a great job in storytelling. So thankful that God gave them a set of strong lungs and voices. We had no problem hearing without the microphones. We had another salvation today. Hallelujah! That just lights my candle. How about yours? All the kids were real sweet as we said our goodbyes. Chaplain Moses said that some of the students were mad at him because of our leaving. They did not want us to go. They wrote us sweet notes.
They are truly our brothers and sisters in Christ.
***If I don’t get to write for a couple of days, don’t worry. I don’t have much data left. I will get some soon.
May God bless our Team as they head back home. Pray for them.
All for His glory!—Karen

April 22
Wednesday, April 22, 10:45 We went to the Talent Show tonight and toward the end of the program, heaven opened up with buckets of rain. So as soon as it let up we left walking in the rain. We did not bring any rain gear with us. Nothing can stop this Meadowbrook Team, not mud or rain. That was the fastest we have ever climbed that hill. This is the Super Heroes of Meadowbrook. Couldn’t stop them if you tried. No complaining from anyone. So thankful we made it home with no accidents. And very thankful for the rain, for the farmers still need the rain.
***We had 2 salvations today! The student who could not sleep the night before gave his life to Christ! Yipee!!!
***Kristi had the time of her life today. She and Moses went to the airport to pick up the luggage that had been missing since they got here. They had to go by taxi van (which carries many people) and a boda-boda (motorcycle). She really enjoyed it. I will let Kristi tell you all about it.
***Tomorrow is the Team’s last day. Time has flown by. Pray for their safe return.
All for HIs glory.—Karen

April 21
Tuesday, April 21, 8:45 p.m. Another wonderful day! Our Team is so wonderful with the students and the students love having them here with them. When we get ready to leave the campus at lunch time, we have many students who will walk with us and carry our backpacks, Bibles, etc. And we are so glad, especially today! No one had a key to open the gate to let us take the shortcut way home so we had to walk the long way home. I am so glad they were with us to help us with our heavy loads. Plus we get to have some one-on-one time with the students. Our Team members are truly servants of the Lord and I so proud to call them my brothers and sisters in Christ.
***There is a student here who is not a Christian and he has been asking a lot of questions. Fitz asked him today how he was doing and he said “I can’t sleep at night.” He is fighting so hard the Spirit’s call on his life. Please pray for him. We want so much to see him saved.
***Tomorrow night we have a Talent Show to attend from 7-9, so I may not get to post till late. I will let you know how Van, David, and Fitz’s dance routine comes out! ……… I’m just kidding!!!
All for His glory!—Karen

April 20
Monday, April 20, 8:00 p.m. What a great day it was! This mission team is awesome! Everyone is enjoying their small group teaching. They all have stories to tell about one or two of the students in their class. Just to see students so eager to learn about God just lights my candle! It has burned brightly all day. Cheryl loves her music class and tomorrow they are going to sing one of the new songs she has been teaching them.
***We worshiped today with some might powerful worship songs. I was so engrossed in worship that I did not want to stop. We sang for 1 hour and I could have gone on for another hour. Is that the way it is going to be in heaven? Oh I hope so. What joy that will be!
***Your prayers are making a difference. Keep praying.
For His glory—Karen

April 19
Sunday, April 19, 8:50 What a wonderful day even though we had very little sleep. We walked to the church in the mud. Rain, sleet, snow, or mud can’t stop this group of believers. As we stopped in the curve of the hill, we looked out over the land and we could see Lake Victoria in the distance and then the most amazing thing happened. As we all stood there looking at the lake, the sun was shining through the clouds at just the right angle and we saw the most awesome light begin to grow and shine over the Lake. It looked like the Lake was a sea of pure light. It was not just light, it was, …..I can’t explain it. I just knew God was with us. It was awesome. God is awesome.
***We were supposed to have this afternoon off but since we were behind due to the flight delay we went ahead and did 2 sessions this afternoon. We had church from 8:30-11:00. Van did an awesome job at preaching! He even sang and did a little dance. Then we started our teaching and taught for 2 hours. We left the school and walked back up the hill. I don’t know why, but climbing the hill was pretty tough today. We were all pretty tired by the time we reached the Guest House. We all ate and went to our rooms for a nap. After our nap, we discussed the number of students who were asking questions about sin and dying. The Holy Spirit is moving and I don’t want it to stop. Please keep praying that the students will be transformed by the blood of Lamb.
***I can’t get over all the cards, letters, and gifts that were sent to me. Thank you so much for your outpouring of love. I love you all.
All for his glory!—-Karen

April 19
Sunday morning 1 am. The Meadowbrook team is here. Yea! Time to get some sleep. Church begins at 8:10.

April 18
Saturday, April 18 6:50 pm Today went well. But this 62 year old is tired. Leading and teaching games was a lot of fun but exhausting. We played musical chairs, four corners, egg/spoon race, and the shoe mix game. The students and I had a lot of fun. After the games we started watching a movie but the power went off and that was the end of that!
***There are some dogs that run around here and really don’t belong to anyone. I have been noticing that one of the dogs looked like she was pregnant. Sure enough, last night during the rain storm she had 10 puppies under the school bus. They moved them from under the bus and tried to hide them in the bushes away the big birds flying overhead.
***Don’t won’t to scare anyone but did you know that there are cobra’s here? We had one to visit us yesterday and the gardener killed it. Here I have been walking through the high grasses and no one ever told me about any cobras. Actually, Irene who works here, said that was the first one she has ever seen. And I hope the last.
***The Meadowbrook Team should be arriving in Entebbe at 9:45. Hope to go to the airport and greet them. Can’t wait to see them.
All for His glory! Karen

April 17
Friday, April 17, 2015 In case you haven’t heard, the Meadowbrook team was delayed in Atlanta with some kind of computer/airplane problem and so they missed their flight to Entebbe. Good news is that Delta has put them up in a hotel in Amsterdam and they will catch another flight into Entebbe and arrive in the evening on Saturday. The students will be so disappointed that the conference will not begin tomorrow (me too). But I know that everything has a reason so we will trust in God and change our plans. Moses and I are trying to figure out some things to do tomorrow that would be fun. How about musical chairs for about 400 + students? I kinda like that idea. I will let you know how that turns out!
***Today I met a Ugandan pastor, who as a child, was sacrificed on an altar of fire to a false god. He lived through the sacrifice but with very bad burns on his legs. He was taken to a hospital and stayed there 1 year. His legs are very bowed out but he can walk. The people who had done this have since become Christians and have apologized to him. This man is a pastor in a rural area of Uganda and loves the Lord with all his heart. Wish you could all meet him.
***And wish I could talk more but I need to get busy with some more games for tomorrow and a Bible lesson. All for His glory!–Karen

April 16
Thursday, April 16, 5:40 Praise God, it rained steady for about 3 hours!!! Thank you for your prayers. We lost power but it was worth it for the farmers to have rain. The road I walk on to school was so muddy. When I arrived at the school I had to take a stick and clean the mud off the bottom of my shoes. On the road a very big dump truck got stuck in the mud and it took about 3 hours for them to get the truck free.
***Went to the school for devotion time and the students were excited that the exams are now over. But I did notice a couple of the girls were not feeling well. They had headaches and I think it was because they had not eaten lunch and it was 3:00. Their lunch was not ready at the normal 1:20 time due to the fact that the wood they cook with had gotten wet and it delayed cooking. It is amazing the problems rain will cause but yet they can’t live without the rain. Also two of the girls told me they have malaria. Mosquitoes are pretty bad right now. I imagine the rain brings out the mosquitoes too!
***Can’t wait to see the Meadowbrook team tomorrow. Praying for a safe journey for them. Pray that students will be saved. There are so many here that do not know the Lord. All for His glory.—Karen

April 15
Wednesday, April 15, 7:25 p.m. We did get some rain but it just didn’t last very long. The roads were not as dusty as I walked to school but the farmers need more. Pray for rain.
***Today the water tower ran out of water so they called for a water tanker truck and he came and filled up the cement holders in the ground with water. They will use a water pump to pump the water from the holder to the tower.
***Today I shared in the student devotions and God has been so good to supply me His word. Thank you for praying for me. The students sung to the top of their lungs during the devotion time. I think they are so happy that all the exams are almost over. It has been a long 9 days of exams.
***I watched some students playing a game on a sheet of paper with some rocks. It reminded me of dominoes. I asked what the name of the game was and they said, “draft”. I also shot a few basketballs. Daniel gave me the ball and I hit 1 out of 7. I need to practice.
***I kept thinking there sure are a lot of mosquitoes in my room tonight and then it dawned on me that my windows are still open. Not good! Gotta go kill some mosquitoes.
His servant, Karen

April 14
Tuesday, April 14, 7:00 pm Beautiful day again today but no rain for the farmers. The roads are very dusty. When I walk to the school and see a car coming, I get off the road as much as I can and turn my head and wait for the dust to settle and then start walking again. Pray for rain.
****Enjoyed my time at the student devotional gathering. Chaplain Moses taught today, tomorrow I teach. Usually the students teach some of the time but because they are still having exams we have taken on doing them all. They are getting excited because their tests will end on Thursday and then on Saturday the Conference will begin with the Meadowbrook group. Yea! Can’t wait to see them.
****Had Ronnie drive me to the mall. Before we enter the mall parking lot they look in your glove compartment and inside the car and then run a mirror under your car to see if there are any explosives, then if you are okay they remove the metal spikes lying across the road and you enter to park. Then when you walk into the mall there is a security check to make sure you are not carrying anything suspicious. After this, if you want to go into the supermarket you have to check your backpack. They give you a number and you can pick it back up when you leave. I must admit I love that store. I can get crunchy peanut butter!
****Will be in prayer most of the evening for the Conference and for those that are sick at the school. All for His glory.–Karen

April 13
Monday, April 13, 7:30 The weather was wonderful today but for the farmers they need more rain. They have planted hills of sweet potatoes but they need rain for them to root. Their sweet potatoes are pale yellow and not as sweet as our sweet potatoes. The mangoes are getting big but are still green. There are bananas on the tree but they are still very green also.
***The family that is adopting went to court today. They left at 6:30 am and returned to the Guest House at 6:45 pm. The judge decided to hear all cases not related to adoption first. So they were not called in to see the judge till 3:30 pm. A lot of times the judge will let you know immediately her/his decision but this judge did not. But the lawyer thought it went well. So now they have to wait till Monday for her decision. Just pray that all goes well.
***The students are still taking exams. But they did have their student devotion time and I taught on the transformation of Paul’s life. I also told the students about the Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana. How the lives of these prisoners have been transformed by their faith in Jesus. There are about 5,000 inmates there and more than 85% are serving a life sentence without parole. They had no hope till they were introduced to Jesus. They have the Angola Bible College in prison that they can attend. It takes them 4 years to complete and when they are finished they receive their certificate as a preacher. This is no easy task, their requirements to graduate are the same as anyone else in seminary. That includes learning Hebrew. And I told the students what is even more amazing is that the prisoner pastors are now being used as missionaries! They are sending them out 2 by 2 to other prisons to spread the good news of Jesus. Our God is awesome!
***Ravi Zacharias visited this prison and he did an interview with one of the prisoners and asked him “How do you handle the prospect that you will never get out of here, and that this is where your life will now be spent?” The man around 35 years of age said, “You know sir, if you knew the kind of person I was before I came here, and what I have now become because of the freedom Jesus Christ has brought to my soul, I can only say that if this is what it took to bring me to my senses, I am happy to spend the rest of my life here.” All for His glory! —Karen

April 12
Sunday, April 12, 7:45 pm Had a wonderful day at church and the Holy Spirit really help me to remember the story of Naaman in 2 Kings chapter 5 as I told it orally. Thank you God! And thank you for your prayers. I don’t see how pastors do this every Sunday. Now that I have finished today I have to pray to see what God wants me to teach next Sunday. I don’t have a clue right now. Pray with me that God will show me soon. I loved having the family from Texas with me at church. They seemed to enjoy it but the kids had to take a little nap toward the end but they did great to sit for a 3 hour service. Tomorrow the family goes before the judge in Kampala. They will leave at 6:00 am and hopefully be one of the first ones to see the judge. Sometimes it is an all day waiting experience. The judge has the power to grant or not grant guardianship. Pray with me that God will work things out for them tomorrow.
****After church I had Chaplain Moses and three girls from the school come and eat lunch. They loved the food. It was rice, chicken cooked in a brown sauce, greens, mashed potatoes, spaghetti noodles, and pineapple. I know they must get tired of posho and beans. I had some Bit O Honey candy and gave it to them to try. They liked it and wanted a second piece. One of them asked me if this was good for your teeth. Well, not really, I said, but you can brush your teeth when you get back to school.
One of the girls that ate lunch today with me was Jane. The one that had typhoid. She is feeling great and was able to lead some of the singing today in the church service. Thanks for your prayers! And thanks be to God for hearing our prayers and answering!
All for His glory! –Karen

April 11
Saturday April 11, 8:30 pm. I had a great day. I got to go to the school and worship with the students. I wish you could hear them sing praises to God in their native language. It overwhelms me sometimes to tears. I did get to see Patricia who is still struggling with asthma/pneumonia. She had to go to sick bay and get an IV bag of medication but she is feeling some better. Keep her in your prayers.
***I have come to love mangoes. But these students love to eat green mangoes. I haven’t gotten up the courage to try a green one. They say they are pretty sour.
***tomorrow is church and the family who is adopting will be going to church with me. I love that! Say a prayer for me as I teach God’s word tomorrow. I need the Holy Spirit to fill me up.
***the Guest House will have 5 more people late tonight. A group from the PCA church in Arizona will be here till Monday morning. Gotta get some sleep.
His servant, Karen

April 10
Friday, April 10 5:30 pm Beautiful day here in Uganda. I did not go to the school today for they are still taking exams. But God has sent this family from Texas to bless my heart and warm my soul. They went to meet with the lawyer today. Before they left, Trevor came and gave me the biggest hug. He is so loving. It just amazes me that Trevor had never met his adopting parents until Wednesday night and God has already meshed them together as a family. Trevor had pictures and emails and videos of them but they had never met until this week. He understands and speaks English very well. He is also a great soccer player. God is so good! —Karen

April 9
Thursday, April 9, 2015 700 pm The Guest House has 4 new visitors. A couple and their daughter are here from Texas. They are adopting a child from an orphanage here in Entebbe. They brought the child over last night for his first night away from the orphanage. He is adorable. He is 7 years old and full of energy. I get exhausted watching him. They started the adoption process about 3 years ago. Monday they go to court. They still have a long process ahead but they are closer than they have ever been to calling him their son. The mother will probably stay about 3 months while the dad and daughter go back home. Pray that all goes well for them.
***The students are still taking exams. I really miss the student hourly devotions and getting to see them and worship with them. I went down this afternoon for a short time. Most of the students are really studying hard for their exams. Please pray for Patricia. She is a student who suffers with asthma/pneumonia. I prayed with her today that God would heal her. She wants so much to finish her exams. I love you all.—His servant, Karen

April 8
Wednesday, April 8 We finally got power back this morning. Yea! I hurried to charge all of my devices for you never know when it will go off again. Had some stomach problems today. It wasn’t real bad but bad enough to stay close to home. It was a good thing that the students were still having exams because I could not go down at lunch. But I was feeling better this afternoon and walked down to see them and pray with them. Jane, the student worship leader, who has been out sick came back and is feeling great. She had typhoid. Thank you for your prayers for her and thanks be to God who heals our diseases. While I was there the cobbler’s children came by to see me. The boy who is about 2-3 years old looked at me and bowed down to me. I said, he is being shy. The students said no, he is bowing because this is how we greet you in Uganda. How sweet! He was so precious. I took his picture and he grabbed the phone from me before I knew it. (I started to take back the word precious.) But he just wanted to see himself. Even at his young Ugandan age he knows about cell phones. His servant, Karen

April 7
Tuesday, April 7, 6:45 p.m. I am sitting by my window with the curtain pulled back as the sun sets on Africa. We have been without power since early this morning. So this is the best way to see my computer as I type. I did not go to the school today because they began their exams today. I hope to go there tomorrow or Thursday when testing slows up. I have read a lot today. Preparing for Sunday’s Bible Study and reading about God’s holiness and about prayer. All I can say is that we serve an awesome God!
***Yesterday I was sitting next to a student and noticed her flip flop was torn apart. I asked her if she had another pair and she said no but that she would get a pair when she goes home. But you are here for 15 more days, I said. Yes was all she said. Then Chaplain Moses said there was a cobbler down at the entrance to the college. So I took her down there and she showed him her flip flop. He took a needle and thread and sewed it up tight and now she can walk correctly. It cost me less than 50 cents. I was so impressed with the cobbler. Thank you God for the cobbler.

April 6
Monday, April 6, 8:45. PM. Today’s weather was beautiful. Spent most of the day outside with the students, praying and talking with them. Ate my first sugar cane today. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. You bite off a piece and chew it till you get all the sweetness out and then you spit it out. Got pretty good at spitting. The students love it. Tomorrow they will begin exams. I will not go to the school tomorrow because of the testing. This will give me time to work on our upcoming conference with our Meadowbrook team. Can’t wait to see them. His servant – Karen

April 5
Easter Sunday, April 5, 7:00 pm Had a great service today. Started the service at 8:15 and ended at 12:00!!! Yes I said 12:00!! We sang praise and worship songs for 90 minutes. It was great. When they sang “My Redeemer Lives” I thought I would come out of my skin. I was dancing and raising my hands. It was great. When it was my time to teach, the Holy Spirit was directing my words and it went well. Thank you God! Chaplain Moses did a great job. I talked for 25 minutes and Moses preached for 1 hour. We had about 6 different presentations by the students; some did drama, some did dancing and some singing. It really didn’t seem like we were there for 4 hours but we were! Brought 2 girls home with me from the school to share a Easter lunch with. Ciperan fixed spaghetti noodles with ground beef and sliced tomatoes and cabbage. Then we topped it off with a slice of spice cake and pineapple. Delicious! I took them to my room and we talked for about 1 hour. Both girls’ fathers left their mothers (with several children) and married another woman. Life is hard for them but they are so thankful to be in school. One of the girls says her dad won’t have anything to do with her because she is a born again Christian. The other student has only been a Christian a short time. She gave her life when Pastor Randy and the group from South Sudan came and preached. She is so adorable. Thank you God for a good day and thank you for no rain during the service. All for His Glory–Karen

April 4
Saturday, April 4, 5:50 pm Today has been a laid back day. Woke to light rain and cloudy skies. Spent about 2 hours in the Word and was so energized I got up and did my exercises/stretches so fast I couldn’t remember if I had really done all of them. I decided I had done them all and went and got me some peppermint tea to drink. Went over again and again my talk for Easter Sunday which will be on Luke 24, On the Road to Emmaus. I can not imagine sitting there talking to a stranger and then all of a sudden realize that it is JESUS! Wow! I get excited just talking about it. Can’t wait till tomorrow. I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter. I love you. –His servant, Karen

 April 3
|Friday, April 3, Good Friday. Headed to the school for Good Friday Service at 9:00 am. When I got there some of the students were in Chaplain Moses small office filling about 500 communion cups. I had already broken up all the crackers so they poured them onto a tray. They got everything ready and took it to the Hall. During the service they distributed all the elements to the 500 students. Afterwards they washed every cup and put them away. I am amazed at the servant hood of some of these students. They serve with such joy.
***I thought I was so prepared for today’s service, but yet right toward the end of my teaching my mind absolutely went blank! I could not think of anything else to say so I ended it with praise to God. When I got back to my seat one of the girls said that was good but SHORT! I smiled and nodded my head yes. I just wanted to cry. My Lord deserves better. After feeling bad about my teaching we hung out for awhile and then went to Student Daily Devotions where I taught again but on a different subject. It was like God was giving me a second chance and I took it. This time I didn’t forget! So thankful to my God who gives second chances. Two girls from the school walked me home. As we topped the hill one of the girls said, is that a lake? I said yes, that is Lake Victoria. She said, it is beautiful. She had never seen it before. We walked on to the Guest House and I invited them in. We sat on the floor and just talked about lots of things. Three girls from different parts of the world chatting like we had known each other forever. Sweet girls. So Blessed to share in their lives. All for His glory!
***After I had fasted through morning and lunch in honor of our Lord’s death on the cross, Ciperan (cook), cooked up some cake doughnuts for an evening snack.
They are not as sweet as American cake doughnuts, but they were great! So thankful for little things.

April 2
Thursday, April 2, 8:34 p.m. Today I awoke to a beautiful sunrise. This is the first time in a week and half that there was no rain; no clouds. As I looked out my window overlooking Entebbe I thought of Jesus as He looked over Jerusalem before He entered the city. The Bible says He wept and for some reason I began to weep too. I just kept looking at the homes, cars, and beautiful green trees and just kept weeping. I wish everyone knew Jesus.
***Tomorrow the students are out of school for Good Friday. We will begin at 9:00 with worship and then around 1:30 share in holy communion. It will be a great day but yet a sad day as we remember Christ’s death.
***Will you please pray for their Worship Leader, Jane? She had to leave school on Monday and may not return for Easter. A wonderful student who loves the Lord and loves to worship. Don’t know exactly what is wrong except to say she is very weak. May God heal her. All for His glory!

April 1
It is Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Woke to a downpour. The downpour stopped but it kept sprinkling most of the day. Went to the student devotion hour. I love to hear them sing. They sing with no instruments and they sing in their native tongue. It is just beautiful! After devotion time I was talking to some of the students and they told me they get up at 4:00. At 5:00 they have porridge and then they have time to study (they call it preps) on their own. Then they have assigned duties around the campus, such as picking up trash. Around 8:30-9:00 their classes begin. They have 17 subjects, which include learning 3 languages – English, Swahili, and French. They are all so nervous about next week because on Tuesday their exams begin. Besides getting up at 4:00, they must carrying a large empty water container around with them in class so that when it is time for them to get their water to shower and wash clothes from the well they don’t have to run to their dorm to get their container. Since there are so many students not everyone can go to the well at the same time, so they stagger the times you can go to the well. Some of the containers are very, very heavy when they fill them. They carry this water container up the hill to their dorm room. One girl told me she would love to live in America so she could have running water in the home. May we be grateful for such things as running water. —His servant, Karen

March 31
Tuesday 7:00 p.m. Woke up to stormy weather. Thunder and lightning and lots of rain and very cool. By 12:30 weather was warm and sunny. Had a great day in teaching the word. Thank you for your prayers. I saw only one student asleep while I was teaching so I thought that was good. Pastor Randy probably wishes he could see only 1 person asleep on Sunday. Right Pastor?
*** I ate Jack fruit. It is the ugliest piece of fruit I have ever seen. It is big like an oblong watermelon, green with tiny looking bumps on the outside. It grows hanging off of trees. Can you imagine a watermelon hanging off of a tree? But the fruit is very sweet. I saw the boys from the school this morning in the front yard of the guesthouse climbing the trees to get some Jack fruit. They got them one and they were so happy sitting on the ground eating it. Everyone here loves Jack fruit.
****I will speak to the teachers on Thursday. Keep me in your prayers. Love you all. All for His glory!

March 30
It is Monday, 8:00 pm. Today we drove into Entebbe to get grape juice and crackers for communion on Friday. The first store we went to had white grape juice but I wanted red grape juice. So we went to another mall and was able to find it. I can’t get used to them driving on the other side of the road. I keep wanting to say “get over “. When we returned I went to the school. I learned they DO have 3 meals a day! Porridge for breakfast and beans and posho for lunch and supper. Over the weekend they brought in sugar cane stalks and all the students got to have a piece. They love chewing on it. Tomorrow I will speak on Christ’s last week of life before His death. Pray for me.

March 29
Sunday evening 6:30. Woke up so excited about worship this morning. Walked to the school with overcast skies and temperatures very cool. Once in the large auditorium (where students meet for church) I realized there was no power. Chaplain Moses told me that they could not get the generator to work either. Then it began to rain. Rain hitting a metal roof in a large brick building can be deafening. But the students just kept singing and praising God. Then it came my turn to teach Matthew 21:1-11. I prayed as I stepped onto the stage that I would speak truth into their lives and that they would be able to hear me. I spoke at the top of my God-given lungs and I felt God’s presence overwhelm me. When I finished I was exhausted. Then it was Moses’ time to speak and he walked among the students, up and down the aisle for almost an hour. Close to the end of Moses’ sermon a rooster, hen, and chick entered the front stage. The rooster decided to sit down and snooze. When Moses was finished speaking he came back to the stage and the rooster got up and let out a cocker-doodle-do 4 times. We all had a good laugh. When God’s people want to worship nothing can stop them. Praise God!
*** I have to tell you something funny. Yesterday when I went to the market I saw men selling these long-stemmed-narrow leaves. I thought what do they do with that? Eat it? When I got to church, I saw many students had the same thing and one of the girls gave me one and I said what do I do with it. She said wave it for Palm Sunday! I felt so stupid. I just had to laugh at myself. Humbled!

March 28
It is Saturday evening 8:10. Had lunch with Rachid and his wife Joy. Then Joy and I went to the large outdoor market at Entebbe. Fresh vegetables and fruit everywhere. Also dried fish and slabs of meat hanging inside a building. I believe tomatoes are one of Uganda’s main food. It was everywhere. The picture I took includes bell peppers, carrots, and 2 kinds of egg plant. They had sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes. Oh yes , I bought bananas and a small watermelon. After returning from the market we went to the school for a special ceremony for all the new incoming students. Now I must wind down and try to fix my mind on the Bible study I will do tomorrow at church. It will be about Jesus entering Jerusalem before his death on Friday. All for His glory!

March 27
It’s Friday 7:16 p.m. You know what I said last night about eating oxtails and red greens? Well, it didn’t go too well, if you know what I mean. Ciperan will not be serving that again. Now to more important things. One of the girls told me today that she was surprised that I would talk to her because she is black. (She is much darker than some of the girls.) I told her Christians don’t see color. We just see a person. She seemed very excited about that, so I now have another new friend. Keep me in your prayers. –All for His glory, Karen

March 26
It is now Thursday night at 8 p.m. So thankful for the rain. Rain begins sometime during the night and continues till about mid afternoon and then the beautiful sunshine comes out. Perfect weather for farmers to plant. Thank you God. I think I have my schedule down – Tuesday and Fridays I speak at the student’s lunch hour devotional and on Thursday I speak to the teachers during their lunch. And then every Sunday I will do what they call Bible study time. Pray for me. I need your prayers speaking so many times a week. Today I counseled with many girls. They are so precious. Begin to pray now that God will supply another woman to come and take my place. These girls really do need another female to talk to. Pray that the entire school will come to know God as their personal savior. There are many here that do not know Jesus.
Today I ate my first bowl of oxtail. I don’t care to know exactly what’s in it. I pretended it was bean soup. It did not taste bad. I also had red greens. It was a different kind of meal today. So far so good – if you know what I mean. —Karen

March 25
It is Wednesday at 7:45 p.m. Had a great afternoon with the music team. They wanted to know if they could get the music to some songs. So they would tell me the name of the song and I would find it on YouTube (I was using our router) and play it for them and they would get so excited. I even found some lyrics that they could copy down. They love to sing Chris Tomlin’s songs. They truly love to worship. It did my heart good to work with them. Thank you Jesus.—Karen

March 24 PM
It is now Tuesday 7:45 p.m. and I am back at the Guesthouse. I spoke again today at their lunch devotional hour. They open their time with singing and worshiping God. I love it! Then they have prayers. Then I spoke. My topic was about how God provides us with so much but we must get up and partake of it. Adam was given all the food to eat in the Garden but God told him he must keep it and tend it. The Israelites were given manna to eat but they had to get up early in the morning to gather it, grind it, and prepare it before they could eat it. The same way God has given us His word but we have to read it, study it, and meditate on it for it to fill us. The students sat so intensely listening, I hope my accent isn’t so bad that they don’t understand what I am saying. May God help them to understand. Today I also got to do counseling with several girls. Because some of the students are on Facebook I will not mention names. I prayed with a girl whose parents keep separating, one who has boy trouble, one who is trying to worship God at home but her sisters work in bars and it is hard for her, and some that wanted a friend. Then at the end some of them wanted me to help them understand a poem by Shakespeare. Well, you can forget that! We all had a good laugh and they decided they knew more than I when it came to Shakespeare. Next I need to give some personal messages: Barb, Patricia says hello and she misses her friend! Cissy wanted me to tell Allycia, Randy, Michael, and Erin hello. Hello to my family, I miss you. God has been good to me. Praise God! All for His glory! Karen

March 24 AM
It is Tuesday morning 9:00 and it has rained a slow steady rain since early this morning. Irene says that the rainy season has begun so the farmers can now plant. Praise God! Thank you for your prayers.

March 23 PM
It is Monday evening 7:30. We have been without power all day. I think they have turned on the generator so that we won’t be in the dark as we get ready for bed. Chaplain Moses was able to see a doctor today and was told he has a kidney problem. They gave him some medicine and hopefully he will be better soon. You know some people ooze with humility. Moses is one of them. He is always so humble. So much like Jesus. I am so thankful for the work he does here. May God build his strength back up so he may do good works for the glory of God. He also told me to prepare to speak at the student’s lunch hour tomorrow. Continue to pray for me, don’t stop. I went to the student lunch hour devotion today and it was student led. They are so precious singing songs to God and praying and speaking. I love that they give up some of their lunch hour to worship God.
This morning I had Ronnie take me in to Kampala to get more water, time on the router, and make money exchange to shillings. Traffic was like that of I-59 at coming home time. Bumper to Bumper. I am still amazed at the number of people in one city. There is much work to be done for the Glory of God.—–Karen

March 23 AM
Woke to a very cool and rainy morning. Thank you God for the rain. While studying His word this morning God gave me great insight into His word. I love it! For breakfast this Monday morning Ciperan fixed me 2 pancakes, a tuna sandwich, a serving of noodles with chopped tomatoes, slices of mango , and cake. Once again I had to go and have a talk with Ciperan. He says he will cut back. It makes me sad knowing that the students get tea and bread for breakfast or porridge and then they get 1 other meal at 1:20 which consists of beans and posho. Posho is made by boiling water and adding maize flour till it thickens stiff enough to cut with a knife. It does not have a taste but it fills the stomach. When you have over 700 students to feed, you do it the best way you can. -His servant, Karen

March 22
After a stormy night and no electricity, I was able to get to the church service at the school with no problem. We did receive some rain but need so much more. Continue to ask God for rain. The auditorium was packed with students. I asked Jane (pronounced Jen) if she would pray for me and she said a beautiful prayer. God took all my nervousness away and I spoke with calmness but with the Holy Spirit strength. I spoke on the omniscience of God. I used Psalm 139:1-16 as my scripture. Several girls wanted to talk to me after the service so I got home about 1:00 and Ciperan had a great lunch fixed for me. Chaplain Moses is still struggling with his sickness. He is very weak so immediately after service he went home. Please pray for his healing.
Jane asked me if we could send her some more music like we did before. Pastor Randy can you do this again? Praying for Meadowbrook’s service today. All for his glory.—Karen

March 21 PM
It is now Saturday evening 6:32. Earlier Irene asked me if I would like to walk to the supermarket and I said sure. 90 minutes later we returned soaked with sweat. It was all down hill to the market but all uphill coming back. Irene is twenty-six years and I am 62. So thankful to God that I could keep up. All the side roads to the main road are dirt roads and very dusty. We still need a lot of rain, please pray. Every time a car would pass us, we would breathe in dust. I cannot imagine what the lungs of an Ugandan look like, because you walk a lot. And even riding a taxi or a car most have their windows down. The supermarket was extremely hot. I bought us a grape drink. Can’t wait to have it a little later. When you enter a supermarket, there are guards who make sure you place any bag or backpack in a cubby hole and when you leave the store you can pick it up. Policemen and guards are everywhere. We passed a new hotel that has been built. Before entering the guards search your glove compartment and place a mirror with a long handle under your car to see if there are any explosives. On the way back we walked along the paved Entebbe Road. There are no sidewalks but small trails. I had to pay close attention because one slip of the foot and I would roll down the bank. That would not be a pretty sight! We passed several roadside markets and wood carving places. Irene bought us a mango to eat tomorrow. So besides having drinks to carry we now have a mango. I really wanted a watermelon but I was not going to carry that thing up the hill to the Guest house. I hope to get one later. Continue to pray for me for I will teach Sunday morning. Pray for more students to come to know Christ as their personal savior. All for His glory.—Karen

March 21 AM
It is Saturday morning but I want to tell you something about yesterday evening. Around 6:30 I laid down on my bed to rest and read. I got very sleepy and kept falling asleep so I thought I can’t go to sleep this early so I got up and started playing music. I had Every Praise coming through my Bluetooth speaker and I was singing and dancing and praising God when I noticed someone at my door. It was Irene. She told me she loved that song and was there any way she could get it. I thought for a moment and told her I didn’t know how to get that song to her phone. Then I said can your phone make videos and she said yes. So I said video the speaker and then she would have the song. So we did and she was so happy. She played that video over and over.
Well I finally went to bed around 8:30 but woke up around 9:30. I started praying about the lesson I would teach Sunday. I kept searching the scriptures and praying, asking God to show me what to say. Then I began to read Arthur Pink’s book “The Attributes of God” and I got so excited about teaching on the attribute omniscient. That God knows everything. The Bible has so many examples of the knowledge of God. Finally around 12:45 I was able to close my Bible and Pink’s book and fall to sleep. God is good!

March 20 PM
God is so kind to me. Instead of teaching to 740 students today (Friday) I only had to teach to about 50 students. They were so kind and gracious. The lunch hour devotions are voluntary. They have 2 going at the same time. I taught one class today and Joseph taught the other class. Joseph is the one that decided last time we were here to be a preacher. And he is doing it! I gave him the picture that Kay Gunter gave me and he was so pleased. He said to tell Kay and Pastor Randy hello. He is asking for prayers for his exams that will come later. These exams will determine if he is able to go on to University. (Kay the twins did not come back to school.) So many of the students were asking for Michael Bozeman to come back. They really do love you Michael. Someone send me a picture of Michael in his lobster suit on my phone so I can save it and show the students. Patricia sends greetings to Allycia and Barb. She to is asking for prayer for her exams in the fall. Daniel says hello to Pastor Randy and Lynn Gilchrist. Lynn he still has the Bible you gave him. (Can someone call Lynn and let her know about Daniel? She doesn’t have internet) Jessica, Jovia (her picture was on the church bulletin) told me to tell you hello. Olivia Faith says hello to Erin. It was a good day in the devotion time. The smiles on those students is so precious. They are not required to come to devotion time but many do. They worship for 30 minutes and then eat the other 30 minutes. I love to hear them sing with hands raised to our God. Absolutely beautiful. I taught today on Philippians 3:13. Running the race with our eyes focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and not looking back. Thank you God for your kindness of letting me see students who love the Lord. It really encouraged me. On Sunday all students are required to come to church. So on that day I will be talking in front of 740 students. Pray for me. Pray also for Moses the chaplain. He told me today that he is trying to get over a sickness that has left him weak. Tomorrow he will go with about 14 students to a conference about bringing up a Christ-like generation. So tomorrow (Saturday)will be wash day for me and a day to study what I will say on Sunday. I love you all. All for the glory of God! – Karen

March 20 AM
Thank you God for the rain last night. It was a storm and we lost all power and still have no power, but that is okay. Hopefully the farmers can plant more now that the rain has started coming. Thank you for your prayers for the rain.

March 19
Hi everyone, I am here in Uganda and the weather is hot! I have sweated quite a bit. Glad I brought the deodorant. I got in about 11:00 last night and could not get calmed down enough to go to sleep till 1:00. But I did not wake up till 6:45. I haven’t slept that late in a long time. I was able to rest till the afternoon. The cook cooked me a great lunch. I am the only one here at the guest house so the cook really likes to please those he is cooking for. At lunch Irene, the cook’s helper, brought out a cup of mushroom soup and a slice of bread. The night before I had told our cook that I don’t eat a lot so just make it small portions. So when they brought out the bowl of mushroom soup and a piece of bread, I thought wow, he took my request serious. Irene got my bowl and I was sitting at the table reading when here she came bringing a whole plate of food, such as fried fish fillets, mashed potatoes, cabbage, and sliced tomatoes. It was so good. So I thought we were finished , then she brought out this plate of pineapple and cake. Irene said the soup was the beginning of the meal and the cake/fruit was the ending. It was delicious but I was a stuffed pig! I had another serious talk with our cook (Ciperan) and told him he must not cook any supper for me. A banana would be fine for this evening. After Lunch, Moses the chaplain from the school came and got me and I went to the school and gave a devotion to the teachers (10 minutes). I talked about them being an encourager to the students like Barnabas was. While there Rashid’s little nephew was walking by with Ronnie (our driver)and I said hello. That child started screaming and crying. He had never seen a white person. Hopefully by the time I leave, we will be best of friends. After that I got Ronnie (driver)to take me to Kampala. I have never in my life seen so many people, so many cars, taxis, and motorcycles. Everyone drives crazy. As I looked over the sea of people, I asked God, do any of these people know you? I did see one preacher on the corner. We had plan to go to the hospital and see Ronnie’s dad who has cancer that has spread to his bones but with the traffic being so bad, we both forgot about the hospital. I was very sad about that. Maybe when we go back on Tuesday we will visit him. Thank you family and friends for your prayers. Pray for me for tomorrow I will be speaking to the student body for about 15 minutes. Many people have asked about Michael and when he is coming back. They love Michael. I told Ronnie that I will try and find a picture of Bozeman in the lobster costume. Ronnie thought that was so funny! Some of the students asked about several of the people that went on the trip in Nov/Dec. Well I must stop and start to clean up. Pray also for rain. The farmers need rain. After a pretty good sleep and a good breakfast, I asked Irene(young girl who helps with the dishes and cooking) if she would like to join me  for a devotion and she said yes.  So hopefully every morning for the next couple of weeks (before the Guest House begins to fill up) Irene and I can spend some time in the Bible.  I talked with Fred who is the Administrator at Bethel Covenant College today and he did confirm that they now have 740 students.  He is OK with me being on the campus and leading in teaching. Today I spoke to the teachers during their lunch break. Sometimes I feel inadequate to speak.  Pray for me.  I teach tomorrow at the Students lunch. He did say that there are some Bible studies led by the students so I may join one of them to build relationships.

All for His glory!–Karen


Prayer Requests:
+ Pray for safe travel and adapting to everyday life in Uganda
+ Pray for relationships to form quickly with the students and faculty at the school
+ Pray for Karen’s relationship with the Lord to daily grow deeper and stronger as she presses into  him in prayer and in his word
+ Pray for friendships with godly women in the community to form so that they would be a source  of regular encouragement for Karen
+ Pray for God’s wisdom and insight to fill Karen as she counsels and invests into the girls at the school
+ Pray for the truth of the Gospel to transform the lives of the students so that they would take it  home and be used to transform their families and communities
+ Pray for spiritual sight to see more of the needs in Uganda and Africa as well as the discernment  to see God’s solutions
+ Pray for more people from MeadowBrook to be called to go to the nations either in a short-term,  mid-term, or long-term capacity

What will she be doing?
The Lord continues to grow and shape the direction of our mission efforts at MeadowBrook. This month we have the great privilege and responsibility of sending Karen Adams to Entebbe, Uganda for about 3 months. Karen will initially be building relationships and investing into students at Bethel Covenant College. Her investment will include sharing the Gospel with students, discipling them, establishing in them a biblical worldview and equipping them to meet physical and spiritual needs in their communities as they take the Gospel to various parts of Africa. Karen will also help the April MeadowBrook team that will be traveling to Uganda to conduct a training conference at the school. She will be in touch with our partnerships in South Sudan and will be able to offer support more locally to them while she is in Africa. Karen is scheduled to return home to MeadowBrook in June.

How to Support Karen:
+ Pray for her regularly
+ Keep updated on what is going on…check out the “Missions Updates” section of  www.meadowbrookbaptist.com
+ Send encouraging messages or a care package…these can be sent through the April  MeadowBrook team traveling to Entebbe (Team Leaders: Van Lockridge and Kristi Nichols)