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Wednesday Breakouts

Starting on Wednesday, February 28th, we will begin a new and exciting season in our Wednesday night ministry. While we will still use the large group as our base form of gathering on Wednesday nights, during the last week of February and the months of March and April we will purpose to gather in smaller groups that use God’s word to speak into topics that apply to the lives of the varying groups of people we have in our church. The groups will be at the normal Wednesday night time of 6 PM in various locations on our campus. So please scroll down and check out all of the different groups that we will offer during this time and prayerfully consider which group God is leading you to!

(Please note which breakouts require registration)

Lessons for Marriage 101
Facilitators: Randy & Kay Gunter
Location: Pastor Randy’s Office

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You are 30 years old or younger
  • Are engaged or have been married less than 2 years
  • Are willing to do 1-2 hours of homework each week
  • Are committed to attend the 7 sessions

Kay and I have had opportunity to prepare many couples for great marriages and families. Preparing a couple before their wedding has always been a great highlight and honor. It is time well spent, but not everyone has such an opportunity.

We would like every young couple to be trained for marriage that is biblical based and filled with joy. If you are engaged or recently married and would like to join a small group of others like you, and would like to walk through lessons to strengthen your relationship with God and your spouse (or spouse to be), then consider registering for our “Lessons for Marriage 101” class. Kay and I consider it an honor to share with you. – Pastor Randy

If you meet the above requirements and are interested, please register below or text the word “marriage” to (256) 414-9113!

Lessons for Marriage 101

Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts
Facilitator: Vickey Weeks
Location: Room 308 A&B

One of your greatest privileges is helping your child begin a relationship with God. You’ll see how everyday conversations, family fun, and purposeful projects build spiritual foundations your son or daughter can rely on for a lifetime–and beyond. Vickey Weeks will facilitate this breakout and workbooks will be provided by Focus on the Family Essentials for Parenting.

Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts

Parenting in the Digital Age
Facilitator: Heath Simmons
Location: Room 303

Do you know the dangers out there in the digital landscape? How are you training them to make good choices on social media? What levels of protection do you have in your home? Just because you didn’t deal with it when you were a kid, doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with it now. What is your digital discipleship plan? Students need someone to provide protection and guidance as they navigate the digital world. That is our role as parents. We are called to disciple them and lead them like a shepherd does his sheep.

We would like to help by leading a group for parents of students discussing how to parent your kids in the digital age. It will be a great time to learn, discuss and be encouraged by other parents.

Our first session is now full. We will be offering the breakout again beginning Wednesday, April 4th. Please sign up below for this 3 week breakout.

Parenting in the Digital Age

The Least of These
Facilitator: Hunter Hindsman
Location: Worship Center

We will walk through books of the Bible that are often overlooked because of brevity or obscurity that have a very meaningful message to the believer today. The 5 books he will teach are Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, Jude and the minor prophet Amos, covering one book a week during the first 4-week period and devoting the 2nd 3-week period to the book of Amos.

Reaching Our Circles with the Gospel
Facilitators: Mike Niemi, Ronny Jones & Mac Choizi
Location: Room 311

Have you ever thought about being someone who is given to and naturally gifted at sharing the Gospel with your lost co-workers, friends, and neighbors? For many of us, the desire to be able to do this is there, but the know-how and confidence is lacking. If this is you, then we encourage you to come and join us as we spend time as a group discovering how we can live our lives on purpose for the sake of the Gospel in every area of our lives…to do what Jesus told us to do: To Make Disciples!

Even If
Facilitator: Tonya Vice
Location: Room 302

From her own life experience paired with the truths of God’s word, Tonya will lead a group designed to provide support, guidance and fellowship for women who have lost children.

When God’s People Pray
Facilitator: Karen Adams
Location: Room 204

This breakout group on prayer will be for those desiring to continue to grow in their prayer life. “Prayer moves the heart of God. Let us continue to pray for His Holy Spirit to move in the lives of people. For when individuals are changed, then families are changed, then churches are changed, then cities are changed, then countries are changed. All for His glory!” – Karen Adams

Our Digital Lives
Facilitator: Daniel Doak
Location: Room 312B

We live in a digital world, technology is all around us and has become essential for a lot of what we do. However, technology can offer an illusion of anonymity and lead to a digital lifestyle that is counter to the life we are called to live as Christians. Be a part of Our Digital Lives as we explore how to use the technology that is around us every day, but to do so in a way that helps us share the Gospel story.