Happy New Year, MeadowBrook! Kay and I are thankful to serve the Lord at MeadowBrook for 15 years! I am praying and growing in expectation for the ministries and missions that we engage in 2016. I hope that you are too. This article will give some updates and highlight some of ministry opportunities for our faith family.

New Bible Reading Plan – This year we’re going to concentrate our daily Bible reading in the New Testament (NT). Five days a week we will read from the NT. The plan groups the daily readings based on authorship. For example, if we’re reading the Gospel of Luke then we will also read Acts because Luke wrote both books. On the sixth day of the plan, we’ll read a chapter from the Old Testament that relates to a subject of the weekly NT reading. If you haven’t been reading the Bible daily then this is a great way to begin the spiritual discipline; your life and the lives of others will be positively impacted as God speaks to you through his Word.

Man Church – The nation has been following the success of JSU football; I certainly have. As I write this article, Coach John Grass is preparing his team for the semifinal game against Sam Houston State. If the Gamecocks win the semifinal then they will be set to play in the Division 1 Football Championship Game in Frisco, Texas, and hopefully be the FCS champions. John Grass is scheduled as our Man Church speaker on January 21st at 6 PM. You’ll hear words from a masterful coach and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ that will be engaging and encouraging. Man Church is a great opportunity to invite your unchurched friends and co-workers to join you.

Connections – Connections is The Brook’s three-part process to connect people to Christ, to MeadowBrook membership and to ministry. Having a process is not new to MeadowBrook, but the way that we’re communicating the process is new. Connections is the new title for what was formerly called e1, e2 and e3. Our guests and prospective members will more easily understand phrases like “Connecting to MeadowBrook,” “Connecting to membership,” and “Connecting to ministry.” As you talk to our guests, encourage them to start the Connections process.

The Facilities – We have been praying for wisdom and discernment concerning the facilities of MeadowBrook, seeking the Lord’s counsel on the prospects of designing and building a new worship center with children’s ministry space. My desire is that when a facility is completed, we will walk into it debt free. That would be a huge undertaking, but one that will bring great glory to God and posture The Brook for great ministry for decades to come. I am praying that the Lord is currently supplying and putting the resources into the hands of our membership so we can give generously for such a project.

Student Minister – I have always been impressed with MeadowBrook’s great investment in students. Our goal is to have a great impact into the lives of students so that they not only come to know Christ, but grow as disciples in Christ and become disciplers. Matt Fike has recently joined the staff to help lead this charge. I am excited for the opportunities ahead for our students and families. Parents, please purpose your students to be active in the ministry. We believe that our student ministry strategy will be life changing, preparing young people for college and/or employment, preparing them for life outside the protection of your home, preparing them for family life and preparing them to be surrendered followers of Jesus Christ. A great way to introduce your student to Matt and the ministry is to have them at MeadowBrook on Sunday’s for Life Group and worship and on Wednesdays for student worship (Middle Schoolers at 6:00 PM and High Schoolers at 7:15 PM).

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