MeadowBrook seeks to connect people to Christ and his church, grow them as disciples to be disciplers, and equip them to serve through missions, ministry, and worship, all to glorify God. As a church, we attempt to stay centered in this process, believing that it is what the Lord demands of us as his body. Before committing to an opportunity, we measure it against MeadowBrook’s ministry process statement to determine its kingdom value.

Our process actually answers the all-important question, “For what will Jesus hold the church accountable?” Clearly, MeadowBrook’s ministry will be called to account for the investments made to disciple people until they become disciplers, equipping them to serve in many ways for God’s glory and to make the name of Jesus known among the nations.

Ministry decisions, large and small, are made based on the potential kingdom impact to make disciples, to equip disciples and to glorify God through the ministries and missions rendered locally and globally.

Because of our definitiveness to be kingdom-minded and focused, MeadowBrook members know that their treasure, talent and time are wisely invested at The Brook. This was again strongly evident over the past year.

At the end of December, MeadowBrook gave offerings of $36,000 for Open Hands and $23,700 for Lottie Moon International Mission Offering. This is in addition to the $500,000 invested throughout the year for local and global missions. Such strong giving indicates that MeadowBrook members believe that such kingdom investment is right and good.

Huge decisions like funding and building a worship and education center are passed through the process statement too. To move forward with such a project, the investment must be essential for discipling and equipping a great number of people and done in a way that is glorifying to God. The consensus of our membership seems to be that such a project will help The Brook accomplish its mission for years to come.

What a great opportunity for MeadowBrook to fund and build the worship center in a way that is greatly glorifying to God. God would certainly be glorified if the building is completed without debt. This is our call.

The funding of such a project would probably include three focuses: 1) using church reserves, 2) membership giving from their assets and 3) membership giving from their income. The church is on target to be able to invest at least 2 million dollars from reserves before the completion of a building project. It is perceivable that the membership can give 3.5 million dollars over thirty-six months from their income. Our immediate focus is for our membership to prayerfully and sacrificially take opportunity to give from current assets, raising 3 million dollars. In December, it was encouraging to see one family give an offering of $100,000 towards this effort.

For those over the age of 70 ½, a direct contribution from an IRA (up to $100,000 annually) may be given to the church. Congress recently made permanent the exclusion from income of such distributions to churches and certain charities. This gives opportunity for people to make significant contributions with great tax benefits.

If the Kingdom of God will benefit from a MeadowBrook building project, then God is already resourcing the membership with the treasure needed. We should be prayerfully considering various means of giving this treasure such as estate planning and the potential giving of properties, equities and other assets. At the same time, we should be making life adjustments so that we may have the greatest opportunity to make lasting investments from income.

It is exciting that God is giving us opportunity to experience him throughout the process. It is exciting that we are sensing the call to do something beyond ourselves. It is exciting that we are being given the opportunity to positively affect the future generations of our church and community for God’s expanding kingdom. It is exciting to think about the personal and corporate revival that will be ours as we press deeper into the things of God—his presence, purposes and his glory.

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