MeadowBrook is the people and place that you have grown to love. Whether you are a long time member or the newest part of our faith family, “The Brook” is your place to grow in Christ, worship him and be equipped to serve him.


Because MeadowBrook has a long standing history as a Bible teaching church with worship that is inviting for all generations.

MeadowBrook is also the place for young families to connect and bolster their efforts to raise Christ-honoring children. We are a church that invests great resources and energy to shape and nurture parents and their children to have a biblical worldview and to disciple students to have a global impact.

There are probably many other reasons why MeadowBrook is special to you; this is evident in your faithful financial investment in the ministry. Your giving allows us to be one of the largest providers of benevolent care in our community, one of the largest congregations in the region and a church that fosters international church planting at a growing pace. We are so grateful for you and your faithful and generous giving.

You are helping to reach and disciple thousands—whether it is local residents who attend services and Life Groups, the hundreds who live-stream the service each month or the untold number of people impacted by MeadowBrook’s global mission strategy.

Our church is launching a movement to raise substantial capital to build a new worship and education facility. It is a movement because we desire to do it in a way that will bring great attention and glory to King Jesus and a life-altering revival in each of us. We desire to raise all the capital, build the facility and move in with zero debt!

You can be a substantial part of this glorious movement. On Sunday, May 22, MeadowBrook will celebrate and worship the Lord with a Harvest Offering. The Harvest Offering is from wealth and assets already harvested and stored by you. These are resources that God has given to you to manage. Would you pray about and consider giving your largest contribution? Our goal is for the MeadowBrook family to invest $3,000,000. Although we may have more than one Harvest Offering, our desire is to have one victory Sunday.

You’re gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, CDs, property, direct contributions from IRAs and/or other managed assets will enable MeadowBrook to have an even greater impact here and abroad.

We live in an ever darkening world. Now is the time for you and your MeadowBrook family to shine brightly. Now is the time for MeadowBrook to grow to its greatest impact. Now is the time to build the best facilities to reach, disciple and nurture people and families for Christ. Now is the time for our regional church to shine brightly, as a city on a hill and to echo the sounds of majestic worship as great numbers of people gather to make glorious sounds to the Almighty God.

Your investment will help make a substantial kingdom impact, bring great glory to Jesus and a stirring of revival to you and MeadowBrook.

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Service Times:
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 am
Life Groups: Sundays at 9:30 am

2525 Rainbow Drive, Gadsden, AL 35901