College and High School graduations give us opportunity to challenge young people about their present and future life. But transitions are not just a reality for young graduates nor are transitions only tough for young people. We all face various transitions that are genuinely challenging. Yet, difficult steps can afford us great heights and even movements of grace.

Recently, I reminded some graduates about the words of C. S. Lewis, who described the Great Dance, the movement of God in our lives. This eternally choreographed dance is expressive and alive, filled with steps of grace and expressions of love. In this dance of life, God leads, and you and I follow. We are free to break away and dance no more, or we are free to follow his lead and experience his greatness and beauty. During times of transitions, we need to pay particular attention to our divine dance partner.

When God and a person dance together, history is made that reverberates throughout the ages and into heaven. When someone ignores God’s invitation to dance through life together, or when a person breaks away from God’s lead, the movements of life become insignificant and temporal.

God’s purpose for us is discoverable in our design, which is God’s masterful weaving of each of us in our mother’s wombs. The intricate detail, the unique personality, the abilities, talents and gifts that God has woven into our beings are evidences of God’s intent for us. God’s design reveals God’s designation for us. Darrow Miller states, “Part of the wonder of life is discovering that unique purpose and then walking in freedom towards that end.”All Christians have a common objective—we are to purposefully work in the kingdom of God and prepare others for his second coming. Life transitions often give us a new platform of influence for this objective.

Every person has been designed for a purpose, given a passion, and a personal story that connects us perfectly to the divine plan of God. It is our destiny to gloriously live it out. Transitions add to the story of God in our lives, a story that is filled with God’s love, grace, purpose, and presence. These are the common fibers in God’s ever changing colorful tapestry of our lives.

People who make a major impact in this world understand these truths and live for their fulfillment. They dance with God, who sovereignly leads as they freely allow. Age, social standing, economic scale, race, and gender have no bearing on the potential of your success in God’s divine plan and purpose. Significant success in God’s divine plan for you is only contingent on your willingness to be fully given to it.

Os Guinness wrote, “The truth is not that God is finding us a place for our gifts but that God has created us and our gifts for a place of his choosing—and we will only be ourselves when we are finally there.” Transitions purposefully reposition us to the place of God’s sovereign choosing.

As you contemplate God’s assignment for this stage in your life, your greatest consideration should be how God has designed you and how you can use those abilities, talents and gifts for the advancement of the kingdom of God and to prepare others for his second coming. Life stages are numerous, but our purpose remains constant. Let’s be found faithful throughout each of them.

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