You are making a difference!

The Christian culture can be so confusing at times. Churches may be tempted to promote themselves and their programs, sounding somewhat like a noisy commercial trying to capture someone’s attention as they walk to the kitchen for a late night snack. They may be tempted to tout themselves like kids on the playground bragging about how much bigger and stronger their dad is compared to others. and they may be tempted to pitch the various flavors of ministries and worship styles like a 7 bucks coffee concoction at the trendy coffee house. Such temptation comes from a Christian culture infused with a consumer based world. We are to be distinctly different from the world.

At times, MeadowBrook battles such temptation too. We sometimes feel the pressure to pursue church growth. It is important that we discipline ourselves to hold true to our ministry statement—MeadowBrook seeks to connect people to Christ and His church, grow them as disciples to be disciplers, and equip them to serve through missions, ministry, and worship, all to glorify God. This statement is what we understand to be the marching orders for MeadowBrook, advancing the kingdom of God. Focusing on this statement, rather than focusing on “growing the church,” keeps us biblically aligned.

As a church, you’re focusing on kingdom building, MeadowBrook. It is obvious that many of you are using the platforms of influence given to you by God at work, school, neighborhood, community and beyond to advance the word and work of God. Additionally, hundreds from MeadowBrook faithfully serve our community, especially the poor, through various organized ministries. The compassion of MeadowBrook is a beautiful portrayal of God’s love.

The people of The Brook are among the best employees in the region because their work is done unto the Lord. As a people, you prove to be wise because you are people of the Bible. Your biblical worldview affords you great wisdom and discernment.

A good number of The Brook play an active role on the global mission front, concentrating on disciple making in such a way that multiplies kingdom impact. MeadowBrook’s mission strategy has helped train many leaders, each of who plant multiple churches.

Your investment as a church has shown the light of the gospel to Muslims, who have come to faith in Jesus and now walk as sons and daughters of God. Communities become more healthy and productive where MeadowBrook relationally invests.

MeadowBrook will continue to be true to our calling. We’ll continue to multiply disciplers, continue to start new Life Groups, continue to be people of the Bible, and continue to represent Christ well. We are not perfect at these things, but we can and should press towards that mark of perfection. We know who we are, we know our calling, and we know what is at stake. With God’s grace, we will increase in favor of God and man.

I am grateful for you and thank God for you. Thank you for your impact locally and abroad. Thank you for your investment that will provide for today and for generations to come.

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