A few months ago, you made history. You gave the largest single Sunday offering ever in the life of our church. To the glory of God and the encouragement of many saints locally and globally, you gave $1.5 million as a foundational offering to build a new worship and education center debt free.

As noted previously, for years to come, people of faith throughout this region will look back with great appreciation for your generosity and significant kingdom impact.

Our faith family continues to offer giving opportunities for the project. We are convinced that the call of God is to raise the funds and build the worship and education facility without debt. Doing so will bring great attention and glory to our Lord.

Our second Harvest Offering is December 11. You’re gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, CDs, property, direct contributions from IRAs and/or other managed assets will enable MeadowBrook to have a greater impact here and abroad.

Last May, many of you gave substantial amounts, a great sacrifice of giving from your family. Sure the giving amounts varied, but the sacrifice was meant to be consistent for each of us. Hasn’t God proven faithful over the past six months? Many have seen their accounts replenished since giving just towards the first Harvest Offering. I unashamedly ask you to give in the second Harvest Offering or to give the first time for MeadowBrook’s present and future ministries. Yes, the goal is immense, but our God is more vast that any sum of U.S. dollars!

Let’s join together on December 11th as MeadowBrook celebrates and worships through giving in the second offering. The Harvest Offering is meant to be from money and assets already harvested and stored by you. These are resources that God has entrusted you to manage. Will you earnestly pray and consider giving your largest contribution towards the $1,500,000 goal? Achieving this goal will put MeadowBrook on a clear path towards a new facility.

As I have written before, we live in a time when the world needs a strong unified church. Now is the time for you and your MeadowBrook family to come together for a common goal for kingdom impact. Now is the time for MeadowBrook to grow towards its greatest potential. Now is the time to build the best facilities to reach, disciple and nurture people for Christ. Now is the time for The Brook to raise the sounds of majestic worship and biblical instruction to greater numbers of people, who gather to express God’s glory and live gloriously unto him on Sundays and throughout the week.

Kay and I are excited about the opportunity to give again, and we look forward to seeing the evidence of your enthusiasm too. Your faithfulness provides us great cause to thank the Lord and bless him for great deeds done through you.


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