Working in the Children’s Ministry is one of the most rewarding jobs of the Church.  We get the privilege of seeing kids grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and, often, make the decision to  (as we say in the kids’ ministry) “make Him the Boss of our life.”

The goal of the MeadowBrook’s Children’s Ministry is that kids will leave the Children’s Ministry after 5 years with 1) assurance of personal salvation 2) experienced baptism and 3) a firm foundation of Biblical knowledge.  The first step in seeing this goal reached is prayer.  Our constant prayer is that we will lead our precious children to make a decision for Christ that will impact their earthly and eternal lives.  Through much prayer, teaching of the Word and, mostly, the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we have seen the harvest of several coming to faith in Jesus Christ!  Praise the Lord, our baptistery has been busy this last month!

Although we do get to experience the spiritual sowing and reaping with our kids, the first and foremost place this blessing occurs is in the home.   Research shows two very important facts regarding a child’s spiritual life:  1) the largest percentage of salvations take place in children before age 13, and 2) half of all childhood salvations occur because a parent leads them to Christ.

According to Barna, “Families, churches and parachurch ministries must recognize that primary window of opportunity for effectively reaching people with the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection is during the pre-teen years. It is during those years that people develop their frames of reference for the remainder of their life – especially theologically and morally. Consistently explaining and modeling truth principles for young people is the most critical factor in their spiritual development.”  The greatest explaining and modeling of Christ comes from Mom and Dad!  You get to be with your kids all throughout the year; we get them, at the most 156 hours the entire year.  That’s just a little over one week.

The second goal of seeing your child baptized after salvation is an experience of joy and worship for the child, the family and the entire church.  We explain to the kids why we are baptized:  to follow the example set by Jesus (Mark 1:9); Because Christ commanded it (Matthew 28:19-20); and because it is our public profession of faith (1 John 2:3).  Most kids understand this quite well.  However, the biggest obstacle I have seen in children not being baptized is fear.  The fear is based on the unknown of the actual act and the fear of being in front of the church.  We love the opportunity to meet with the kids and walk them through the process individually.  Recently, in our New Believer’s Bible Study, after explaining baptism and showing the kids the baptistery, one of our six years old wisely stated, “I don’t know why kids are scared of being baptized, and adults too.  It’s just water.  It’s not like it’s lava.”  As the scripture says, out of the mouths of babes!  Obviously, there’s more to it than that, but as we see the baptismal waters stirred more often, our prayer is that it will stir the hearts of all ages to “make Jesus the Boss of our lives” and follow Him in believer’s baptism.

If you or your children have questions or just want to discuss more about this, this staff would be honored to walk with you through this!

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