In an ocean, a swell is a series of waves that are not generated by immediate local winds, but instead by distant weather systems, where wind blows for a duration of time over a portion of water. A swell is mostly unaffected by local winds. I am sensing a spiritual swell, the beginning of a movement of the Holy Spirit from a distant place, blowing over this church body and soon to affect us all. Hallelujah and Amen to that!

I sense the Holy Spirit in the Quarter Till Prayer Time on Wednesday evenings. Just before the Wednesday evening service begins, you’ll find people praying and the Holy Spirit blowing revival winds among them.

I felt the Holy Spirit’s fresh wind recently blowing on the First Wednesday Night of Prayer. He was so significant during our last gathering that I knew we were to meet together each First Wednesday for a holy convocation of prayer. (The next one is September 6, 6 PM.) I am believing and trusting the Lord for a great movement of prayer—Holy Spirit empowered praying in faith.

God’s Spirit has been stirring among our congregation, evident in a movement of relational discipleship. This swell has actually been slowly building with several D-Groups meeting together weekly, discussing their daily readings from the Bible and their journal notations of God’s voice. I expect that the initial wave will impact our congregation greatly in January of the upcoming year as the groups multiply many times.

We glorify God for stirring the baptistery waters recently. We are grateful for his call and out pouring of faith that has been heard and responded to by children and adults alike. I plead with the Lord of Salvation that we might see a flood of grace among the unsaved, and that MeadowBrook may play an active part in sharing God’s grace.

There is a swell that is building in our Life Groups, too. New groups are being formed and new members are being added. Since Life Groups are the place of connection at The Brook, they are part of God’s plan to advance his kingdom and edify his Church. Having more Life Groups means that we have greater opportunity for kingdom growth. I have sensed this possibility, since the Holy Spirit has recently added new members who have the spiritual gift of teaching.

Of late, in prayerful and meditative times, I have felt a stirring of hope and vision, of a great movement of God. Only he can stir such eternal perspectives and give such visions of what has been planned from eternity past. I am being filled with anticipation, and I hope and pray that you are sensing such a spiritual swell, too.

I am certain that God wants to move among us uniquely, to fill us with his Spirit, his word and purpose. Our role is to place ourselves on the edge of the shore looking for and seeking him with expectation. We trust that God will refresh us, demonstrate his beauty and his glory and allow us to experience him with wonderment and awe.

Prayerful and expectant…

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