What do you feel when you hear the word evangelism? Oddly, for a lot of Christians, the feelings are not one of joy or excitement, but of fear and inadequacy. While the reasons for this very, for a lot of people it simply comes to not knowing how to initiate a Gospel conversation with someone who simply does not believe.

Ultimately, nothing can replace an intentional in-person conversation when sharing your faith, but what if technology could help initiate that conversation? Think about it, have you ever shared or referenced an article or story you’ve seen on social media with someone? For most people, the answer is yes. According to Pew Research, over 69% of adults in the US regularly use social media. In a lot of ways, it has become the centerpiece of discussion and dialogue for a majority of our world.

So, the real question is, how do we intentionally integrate our current daily online habits with our calling to proclaim the Gospel? First, we need to analyze what our digital persona says about us. Our profiles can be easily filled with negative and critical posts that provide judgment of wrongdoing but no forgiveness, love, or grace. Second, not only should we see our online profiles as a platform for positive rhetoric, but as a place to intentionally share God’s love through scripture, articles, and personal stories about his faithfulness. Finally, we have a great tool with us 24/7 to directly communicate with the world. When you see peoples’ moments of struggle expressed online or in person, take the opportunity to send a message or post about the true hope that exists through a relationship with our Father.

In Acts 17, we see an incredible story of Paul traveling to the center of the Athenian community, the Areopagus, and engaging people where they lived life. If we don’t boldly take the message of Christ to people where they are, then the Gospel will quickly be overshadowed by the countless other messages being broadcast online. We have the ability to communicate like no point in history, and if we are intentional, we will be able to share the message of hope and redemption to the center of our culture, social media.

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