Life Groups exist to serve together in MeadowBrook’s global and local mission effort and in the ministries of the church.

One of the foundational applications of the gospel in our lives is that we, as Christians, serve. Christ came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many, and he calls us to the same standard of service (Mark 10; John 13). We serve in the church not because God needs us to, but because in serving, we experience God’s grace in a deeper way. God is not served by human hands. When we serve, it is simply an opportunity for us to receive more of God’s grace, since it is only by his power that we can serve effectively. So, at MeadowBrook, we seek to serve where God has gifted us not where we perceive needs. One of the ways we encourage people to serve is for Life Groups to serve together. Many Life Groups serve faithfully at Way of the Cross each Thursday. Recently, we have had Life Groups serve local foster families by keeping their children for Parents Night Outs. Life Groups serve our Thanksgiving Dinner and our Church Picnic. Our Life Groups make a difference through their service, not because God needed them, but because God wanted to bless them through their serving.

Serving in Kingdom ministry is fulfilling. Serving together in Kingdom ministry is even better. Not only do we experience God’s grace in his empowering us to serve, but we build deeper relationships with those we serve alongside. That’s why each Life Group has been given the goal of serving together 4 times a year. It is so important for us to serve together as believers. So, what are the ways we can serve together as a Life Group?

–     Global missions. It would be incredible for Life Groups to engage together on the mission field. Prayerfully consider going on mission with the church as a Life Group in 2019 or 2020. Click here for global opportunities. 

–     Local missions. MeadowBrook is deeply involved in serving the people of Etowah County. We have many local opportunities around town at various times and locations. Click here to see a list of opportunities. 

–     On Sunday Mornings. We have many ministries that help the Sunday Morning Ministries run smoothly on Sundays. Media, Nursery, Welcome Team, Kids Worship Live. What if a Life Group purposed to serve faithfully in one of those areas, consistently rotating their members to serve there each week?

In a culture enamored with its own comfort, the serving Christian shines brightly as one who finds their comfort in Christ, not their ease. Church is not about you. Your life is not about you. We are called to serve, which means we are called to be uncomfortable – we’re called to hold the door for someone in the cold, we’re called to change diapers in the nursery, and we’re called to joyfully do the jobs that no one wants to do. We are not here to consume, but to contribute. You need to serve, not because God needs you, or because MeadowBrook needs you, but because you need it. God will you use your service to draw you and others closer to himself and to teach you to find your satisfaction and comfort in him.

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