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October 10-31 at 6:00 PM


Marriage Enrichment
Teacher: Craig Boden | Room 308 A&B

This Breakout Group is for married couples who have good marriages that want to make it better and enrich their married life. To enrich means to add greater value or significance; to supply with abundance of anything desirable; to make finer in quality.

The goal for this class is to provide a practical guide for enriching your marriage. Topics to be addressed include:
» Marital Oneness – Communication
» Conflict Resolution – Forgiveness
» Love – Finding and fulfilling our mate’s greatest need
» Dating Your Mate – Keeping the romance alive

Craig is a native of Gadsden. He has been married to Susan for 47 years. They have two grown children and three grandchildren. Craig is a retired minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, founder and owner of Life Matters Christian Counseling and Enrichment.

Hope for the Caregiver
Teachers: Bill and Lynette Mickler | Room 306

Caregiving is a scary and overwhelming concept, especially when you are caring for grandparents, parents, a spouse or even siblings. It can be different levels of care such as nursing homes, hiring a caregiver for your loved one in their home or yours, assisted living or moving your loved one into your home. Bill and Lynette discovered this for themselves when her mother came to live with them in their home.

This breakout group will look at what the Bible has to say about caregiving and how that was applied in the lives of the Mickler’s. Whether you are preparing to be a caregiver or in the middle of it, this group will comfort, challenge, and equip you with Biblical truth and practical application.

Hot Topics and the Gospel
Teachers: Mike Niemi, Mac Choizi & Stephen Cordi | Room 311
There are many in our culture and even in our own lives that deal with anxiety and depression or homosexuality. These are tricky issues in the eyes of many. How are we to address these issues in today’s cultural climate? Join us as we dive into these distinct topics to see what God’s Word has to say about these things, and how we as the people of God can walk beside those who are wrestling with these issues in their lives.

Oct. 10 & 17 – Anxiety/Depression
Oct. 24 & 31 – Homosexuality

Authentic Manhood
Teachers: David Clough and Joe Gilchrist | Disciple House

What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? Confusion abounds when it comes to the notion of manhood. This breakout group will explore what the Bible says about becoming authentic men of God, following the example that Jesus set during his ministry.

Old Testament Survey I (Genesis – Esther)
Teachers: Amelia Day and Berniece Castleberry | Room 207

This group will provide basic introduction & explanation of two sections of the Old Testament, the Beginning (Gen.-Deut.) and the History (Josh.-Esth.). The intent is to give enough information and summaries of each section to provoke further study from a position of a good understanding of the chronology and themes of the Old Testament Scriptures. Many believers have skipped a lot of the Old Testament and gone straight to the Gospels. This group will equip you with the proper tools and a foundational knowledge of these books so that you can be prepared to study the stories found in the Old Testament and understand the timeless, Christ-centered truths found within them.

What’s Heaven got to do with it?
Teacher: Hunter Hindsman | Worship Center

How does what we know about Heaven impact our lives today? This will be the question tackled during this breakout group as we will be studying what Revelation 21-22 has to say about Heaven (the New Earth and New Heaven) and seeing how that impacts our lives as believers today.

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