Mission Statement

The deacon body of MeadowBrook Baptist Church exists for the purpose of serving the church body in order to protect and defend the unity of the body of believers by seeking to connect people to Christ and MeadowBrook and helping them remain connected, helping people grow as disciples to be disciplers through spiritual transformation and helping people serve through ministry, missions and worship.

Ministry Focus

In following with the mission, deacons will seek out men, women and families that are members of MeadowBrook but have not attended regularly in some time. The deacon body will work to determine why they have separated from the church and build relationships as appropriate to encourage those members in the Lord. This work will be conducted in groups to ensure encouragement of the deacons and discernment of issues.

Organization & Meeting

Full Group – The deacon body as a whole will meet every other month to discuss the mission and ministry. The focus of the meeting is to ensure that the work is organized and being conducted and to encourage and train the deacons, individually, for the task. To that end, time will be spent:

1. Discussing issues deacons are experiencing in conducting the work (not people)
2. Discussing methods for preparing or conducting the work
3. Praying over the people of our church and their issues

Deacon Teams – The deacon body will be organized into teams of about four deacons. One deacon will be appointed shepherd of the group. He is responsible to encourage his deacons towards completion of the task. The team should speak regularly, pray often and meet as needed to promote the work of restoration. Further, this should afford a simple means of accountability towards the ministry. If a deacon is not able to perform his task for a few weeks, the shepherd should ensure one of the others or himself follows-up. Life is messy, this is normal. If a deacon is not able to perform the task for a period of months, the shepherd should advise the deacon body. We should not waste a deacon’s time on a task that he doesn’t feel equipped for or led to… but we should spend any time needed to help a deacon achieve the ministry he feels God has called him to.


1. Restore List Generation – A list of church members who have not participated in Small Group fellowship regularly will be generated and provided to the deacons. Precisely how the list is generated should not be rigid. The initial concept is to utilize Sunday School / Small Group attendance records to determine person which have not attended regularly.

2. Member/Family Assignments – Utilizing the restore list, deacons will volunteer or be assigned church members to contact. Expecting the Restore List to be larger than the number of deacons, the discernment of the pastors and deacons will be used to select a smaller group of members to be assigned to the deacons. Initially the assignments will be about two members/families per deacon.

3. Deacon Follow-up – Deacons will be responsible to contact and/or visit the member. The goal of the visit is to determine if the member needs spiritual encouragement. Lack of attendance in small group may be an indicator of deeper spiritual issues. Our task is to determine if there is an issue and to encourage our brothers and sisters in their walk with the Lord. It is not to increase our Small Group attendance.

4. Assignment Updates – As deacons follow through with their assignments, they may determine that a member wishes not to be contacted or not to be part of the fellowship. This information is provided to the chairman and the deacon is provided a new member to contact.

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