Kent Stewart – Room 200 

A group of Christians bonded by their love of Jesus and each other. True brothers and sisters who experience and grow closer as we share the joys and trials of everyday life. Together we serve, and together we cry. Together we learn that the love of God can carry us through. If you want a family who will be there for you through thick and thin, who will lift you up in prayer and feed you both physically and spiritually then this is your Life Group!

Al Garrett – Room 201 

Al Garrett teaches this new launch designed for couples in their 40s and early 50s. He is married to his wife Barbara Anne, and they have 3 girls. Al has a wealth of experience in teaching God’s Word and leading a Life Group.

Daugherty/Ingram – Room 203 

Our Life Group consists of married couples 50 and older. We focus on Gods will and his word for our daily walk while loving and lifting each other up. Our group loves to spend time outside of church in fellowship, and on most Sundays, we sit together during worship service and go out to lunch together afterwards. This group is co-taught by Dennis Daugherty and Larry Ingram.

Gilchrist/Turner (Men’s Group) – Disciple House Room 1

We are a multigenerational group of men who are seeking to grow in our relationship with Jesus and learn from Him how to live our lives. We discuss the truth of His word and apply it to our daily lives, share wisdom learned from life experiences, and encourage each other in our faith. Our goal is for our character to be transformed to be more like the character of Jesus, resulting in our loving God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind, and our neighbor as ourselves.

Day/Watford //Woman 46-60 – Room 207 

Representing a broad spectrum of ages, life status, and backgrounds, Day/Watford is a women’s group who take God’s Word seriously, and themselves, less so.  They are a loving, welcoming, biblically grounded group dedicated to living life together through relationships studying, learning, laughing, crying, praying, and praising God together. They reach out to others as guided by the Holy Spirit & decided by the class. Chances are there is a lady in this group who can identify with wherever you find yourself.  Oh, and the snacks are pretty terrific too.

Vice/Sullivan – Room 312B

Stephen Holland – Room 312A

Our Life Group is a discussion based group of friends (new and existing) who purposefully come together to have spiritual conversations in drawing closer to Christ.  As a group, we actively pursue relationship with God through Bible study, obedience, prayer, and serving others.  We pray together, learn together, and encourage each other with respect and passion for Jesus Christ!  We enjoy our fellowship together as we lift each other up during times of need and rejoice together when we see how God is working in each of our lives. This group is led by Stephen Holland and follows the MeadowBrook curriculum. 

Todd Hindsman – Room 303

We are a small group of 12-18 people, mostly couples, but with some singles as well.  We strive to engage God’s Word throughout each week so that truth may be revealed and lived out in our normal lives.  We are faithful to our Life Group class and to each other.  Class involvement and interaction is good.  We are interested in growing closer to Jesus by what we do in Life Group, you might say this is one of our goals, and we have a strong focus on prayer, especially prayer for our families, marriages, and for the lost people that we know.  We use the MeadowBrook curriculum for our study materials. This Group is taught by Todd Hindsman teaches the group and is assisted as needed by select group members. Todd has taught small group Bible Study for over 20 years.

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Service Times:
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 am
Life Groups: Sundays at 9:30 am

2525 Rainbow Drive, Gadsden, AL 35901