If Jesus is Your Landlord

If Jesus is Your Landlord
Matthew 21:33-46

See Matthew 21:33-39

The man in the story represents God, God who produces something from nothing. 

The vineyard in the story represents Israel, a nation that is meant to be fruitful and full of life. 

In the parable, the landowner made a considerable investment—he planted, fenced, dug a winepress and built a watch tower. He then leased the vineyard out and went out of the country. Everything belonged to the owner, and every provision for the land’s productivity was provided by him.   

In the same way, our lives and the resources that we have in our possession do not belong to us; they belong to God. Our life stories begin and end the same way: “In the beginning God created…,” and “Each of us will give an account of himself to God. (Romans 14:12 ESV)  

Think for a moment of all that God has entrusted to us. He has given time, talent, possessions and influence to us, which is to be managed well for fruitfulness.   


What decisions do you need to make to achieve the best use of time?

Be a minister


How can you use your talent to serve God, his people and others well?

Be a servant


What are ways that you can practice generosity now?

Be a giver


Where has God given you influence to represent Christ well and to whom does the Holy Spirit desire you to share gospel truths? 

Be a witness  

Jesus shared this parable with people who failed to see the world correctly and failed to respond to him correctly. They saw the world and its resources in a self-serving and self-glorifying way.

How we use our time, talent, possessions and influence reveals what we truly believe about Jesus Christ as the Creator and Owner of everything.  

In the parable, the landowner’s servants represent the prophets of God, who were sent over time to the people of Israel. These prophets were rejected, treated horribly and killed. As in the parable, God sent Jesus, his Son, who was rejected and killed, too. In the story, Jesus prophetically revealed his own imminent death to those who would plot and plan and bring it about. 

Following his parable, Jesus asked a very important question to those listening. See Matthew 21:30-46

What will the owner do to those tenants? The response from the leaders declared their own fate— for their rejection of God’s word and killing his Son, they would be condemned, put to death and lose everything. 

The spiritual leading of the world would no longer be from the nation of Israel, but from people who make up a new race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people who God possesses—the church of Jesus Christ.

You and I have been given this privilege and opportunity to manage the resources of God well. When the Lord returns and we’re called to account for the harvest, let’s be filled with joy at his coming and eagerly anticipate the rewards of faithful living.

If Jesus is your landlord, what sort of tenant life should you live?

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